Just a Little Catch Up

Immy May


I feel like I haven’t sat down n had a cuppa T for a proper catch up for a while. 

I’ve been off work sick (orrid pee infection, ya feeel me ladies ahem TMI) so other than sleeping, slurping various hot beverages and shnuggling Bear, I have been reading through a bunch of my favourite blogs – making me feel inspired and also a little glum that I have been so shoddy with popping blogs up over the recent months.

I adore my little space on the internet; as well as sharing a slice of ma life with you, it is also such a lovely way to reminisce on the past few years – I lav a good nostalgic blog browsing session! The bloggasphere has grown mahooosively over the past few years, from being a little platform for anyone and everyone to have a voice and create their own little networks of chums all over the world, to a career path and a very attractive platform for brands and all that jibber jabber (working in PR has taught me a lot about this kinda ting).

I am constantly inspired by creative, ambitious folk, both my friends and people I have never met – building their own success through pure hard work and determination. However, over the past few months I have found keeping up with mi blog and actually sitting down for an hour or so to write a bit of challenge; I think it’s a mixture of being in the whirlwind of my first proper 9-5 style job, getting used to managing my time and struggling a little with motivation through it all.

You may be feeling the same way, so how do you balance your creative passion with your job/life and so on? Maybe I have sucked with my time management over the past few months – but I have been having a bloggers block and I ain’t a happy bunny about it.

I just wanted to check in and say YO I’m still about, I just need a bit of time to refocus, so bare with me.

Have a lovely day whatever you are up to! And remember…