Ideal Home Show 2015

I’m not gon’ lie, this weekend has been one of the most mature to date. 

On Saturday me and the boyf headed over to the Ideal Home Show.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, wasn’t it a place for old married couples find new kitchen tiles? A temporary (V luxury) B&Q? But oh boy, I was so wrong.

Kensington Olympia which was jam packed with all the house porn you could imagine… Snazzy show homes, dreamy massage chairs, hot tubs, errythang. My inner 8 year old Sims fanatic was squealing with excitement. Being us, we made a beeline for Ideal Food & Housewares section.


We were like kids in a candy store…


The majority of our time was spent feasting (excessively) on all the oodles of samples, getting very excited about chilli cheese, listening to chocolate wisdom from Paul A Young, spending the earth on Olives and after about 7 laps of tasting, I went for the most glorious pulled lamb burger..

Pulled UK




Thank you to Hillary’s Blinds for the tickets, a Saturday afternoon well spent! I would definitely recommend a visit, you have until April the 6th to have a ganders…

The rest of our Saturday was spent in a food induced coma and Sunday looked like this…


Good food and sleep. That’s what weekends are all about… right?

Immy May

What did you get up to?