A Shout Out to my Mum

Mothers Day

This is my Mum at 20 years. 80’s hair cut, novelty Weetabix T-shirt and bug eye glasses in check, drinking cider in the sunshine. Whadda a cool chick.

Fast forward 1o years and she’s a Mumma of three nippers, balancing university with making sure my Snow White costume wasn’t falling apart (worn every day without fail), attempting to rescue our guinea pigs from the next door neighbours dog and remaining calm as I grinded her brand new Clarins lipstick into the carpet. Ouch.

Mums are pretty damn badass. Not only do they carry you about for 9 months then pop you out into the world (pushing out 10.3 pounds of baby can’t be easy for anyone, ahem) but from that day onwards, they will give you their unconditional love and relentless support through all that life has to throw at ya. Without my Mum, my bootay wouldn’t be all over national pampers leaflets at 1 year old, holla.

Mothers Day

This post is a shoutout to the main lady in my life. The woman who’s not only my Mum but my friend, advisor, agony aunt, support system and biggest fan.


The woman with an infectious smile, who brings happiness and will never fail to make me chuckle.

The woman who inspires and educates other women, helping and educating Midwives from London to Malawi, making sure there can be more happy, healthy Mothers and babies across the world.

Mothers Day

The woman who is always ready for an adventure, whether that’s boogieing on down in Ibiza, taking us on dubious safaris in Africa, flying out to see me in New York, dancing with me on bar tops in Cyprus or just simply spending days on end eating BBQ grub and ice creams at a Beach Hut on the Isle of Wight.

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The woman who will encourage you to always be yourself… No matter how incredibly weird that may be.

Mothers Day

The woman who has settled me into each new chapter of life; the first day of nursery, school, university, a new house. She will never forget to call no matter where in the world we both are, But will welcome me back with open arms when I return needing to slip back under her roof again. And will still make me a bowl of porridge in the morning.

Of course we’ve had times where we’ve moaned at each other and bickered about silly things (unload dishwasher) but it will never last much longer than around 2 minutes. It’s funny how as you grow older, Mums don’t tend to embarrass you (ok, maybe sometimes) but you actually want to hang out with them whenever you can, travel together or chat for hours on end over a cuppa T.

Mothers Day

On that note, we’re off to see 50 Shades of Grey together. Yup. If that’s close then I’m not sure what is…

Mothers Day

For all of the reasons (and a lifetime more) I reckon it’s about time we set off on our next adventure. Great Rail Journey’s, we’re lookin’ at you. Belgium? Chocolate? We’re all over it.

I love ya millions Mum, cheers for being a top lass.