Nutella Nakd Bars

Nutella Nakd Bars

I think you know how much I love Nutella by now, gimme a jar and a spoon and I’m ‘appy… Or toast with Nutella shmmeeared all over the top and a cuppa T. Mmmmm.

Anyway, remember I whipped up a batch of Nakd bars a while back? Well I thought I’d give em’ a whirl again with hazelnuts rather than cashews (just because that’s what I had in the cupboard). I then realised hazelnuts were the key ingredient to the spread of aaall spreads, the Nutella Nakd bar was born.

Making your snacks from scratch is the best way to know exactly what you’re putting into yo’boday, no funny stuff and all the flavours you fancy! I reckon this is the easiest recipe I have ever posted up on here. It is so simple, all ya need to do is whiz up 3 ingredients, roll it out, cut into bars, sprinkle with granola for an extra crunch for breakfast if you wanna.

Here’s what ya need…

1 small bag of pitted dates – top stuff for digestion, full of calcium for strong ole bones,  packed with iron so great to nibble on if you’re feeling a little anaemic, potassium for a big energy boost and *apparently* for alcohol intoxication, so if you’re hanging, munch on some dates. (yup, a fry out sounds somewhat more appetising)

1 small bag of blanched hazelnuts – Hazelnuts and full of vitamin E so great for keeping your skin lovely, preventing and signs of ageing, eeep! They also contain heaps of vitamin B which is essential for slow burning energy. These babies are full magnesium which allows your muscles to relax when they aren’t needed – so gobble hazelnuts to sooth tension, soreness and cramps.

1 tablespoon cocoa powder – cocoa powder is cocoa powder, just for the all essential chocolate flavour – obviously you can buy healthy ones but I just used the normal Bournville stuff!

Granola to sprinkle over the top (optional) I used Dorset Cereals Berries and Cherries Muesli.

Stick it all into the blender and whiz till you have a nice, thick stodge!

Roll it into a nice looking slab of nakdness.

Nutella Nakd Bar Recipe

Admire, then slice into bars.


Sprinkle over a few handfuls of granola…

IMG_6636Cover with cling film and pop them in the fridge for an hour or so!



And you’re done!

transfer them in a container and keep em’ in the fridge.

Bring them with you to work/uni/school as snazzy little homemade snack which will keep you energised and satisfied! And they do actually taste like Nutella, ooooh yeaaah.