Monday Morning Playlist

Immy May Playlist

It’s Monday morning. How did the weekend pass by SO quickly? Also, HOW on earth are we in March already!?

I hope you’ve had a laaavely weekend basking in the wash of blue skies and sunshine gracing our presence ere’ in England (and hopefully where you are too!) It’s so nice to have that little glimpse of Spring and a tiiiiny smidge of warmth… Alright, it’s still pretty breezy, but y’know, the cold ain’t so bad when the sun’s shining…

Blue skies and Palm  Trees

Pulling yourself out of your warm, cosy bed is extra hard on a Monday morning. All you fancy doing is rolling back into the duvet/rewinding back to Friday night, trying to get motivated and seizing the day can be a right struggle. We need to find Bernard’s Watch ASAP.

This is when ya need an extra kick to get ya going, to take the week by the horns and get the most out of it. Life’s to short to be hatin’ on Monday, it comes round too often! Whether I’m working/blogging/washing up/pretty much everything, I always need a good playlist to spur me on and get mi feet tapping (I get very easily distracted).

I know a lot of you are in the middle of third year s t r u g g l e s (I FEEL ya) so this ones also for you.

Click here > Getting Sh*t Done

 Grab a cwaaafee, a few pieces of toast (preferably with Nutella) and have a lovely, productive day!

Also, lemme know if there’s any musical gems you would add to the list and I will pop it on!