Daily Eats No. 3

Daily Eats

I have finally shrugged on my ‘orrible cold, hurrah! 

Finally telling the lurgy to jog on required perseverance, good grub and tissue. Lots of it. Snot cool at all.

I can hear poor ole Londoners sniffling, spluttering and sneezing around me (mostly on the tube in rush hour) so I’m trying to keep up the high vitamin C intake and good, hearty nutritious food. This weeks Daily Eats isn’t just a commentary of what I ate in one day, but a little round up of my favourite gobbles from the past week that I wanted to share with ya!


Matcha Teapigs

I’ve been hearing the word ‘matcha’ bouncing around the bloggosphere for a little while now, this mysterious green powder that supposedly turns you into superwoman.

At the Ideal Homeshow I had a chat with the TeaPigs lady who explained what it’s aaall about. It is pretty pricey (£25 eessh) but it is absolutely chocca with antioxidants, gives your metabolism and mahoosive kick up the backside – it is effectively super concentrated green tea.  All you need is 1/2 a teaspoon mixed into some juice, a smoothie, hot water with lemon or even stir into your porridge (not too convinced about the last one).

Breakfast ideas

As well as having my matcha in the mornin’ I’ve been making sure I gobble a satsuma, have a cuppa T and my most recent obsession peanut butter with raspberries and blueberries on toast. You gotta try it. I’ve also been trying to read a chapter of my book (Starter for Ten – David Nicholls) each morning before I set off to work. Do you have any book recommendations?


working lunches

Getting into the groove of working full time, I realised it wasn’t the best idea to buy lunch everyday, I will end up spending all my money on sushi! Gal has to get organised and make grub in advance. This week I made a huge batch of roasted veggies with spinach, mixed beans and brown rice. If you have any ideas for working lunches, I would love to know! I need a little more inspiration.


Banana and Raspberry ice cream

When you have a sore throat, there is nothing more soothing than ice cream. As I didn’t have Ben & Jerry’s to hand, I made some banana, raspberry and coconut ice cream. It tastes dreamy and is kind to your body – just freeze a few bananas then chuck them into a blender with frozen raspberries and a little coconut milk and voila!

The Attendant cookie

As well as trying to feed myself nice n healthy grub, I also think the 80/20 rule is damn important. You gotta have a little of what you fancy, and I would never say no to a cookie like that. Plus it was gluten free, it would be rude not to.


To give my immune system and extra kick I nipped smoothie shop and asked what would sort me out – they returned with a detox cactus smoothie with an extra shot of echinacea. An hour later I felt like a new woman!  So, if you have a cold right now – grab satsumas, water, echinacea, matcha (if you really wanna get rid of it for good) and lots and lots of sleep.


Baked eggs

Ok, so I’m not entirely sure about this one. I got the idea from Pinterest and thought it looked pretty cool so I thought I’d give it a whirl. It tasted good, but a bit odd! I reckon I would have preferred em’ separately.

What have you been gobbling this week?