Daily Eats No. 2

Immy May Blogger Daily Eats 2

I’ve been feelin’ a little under the weather this week, so rather than busying about London town – it has mostly looked like this…

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Ok. I admit, that snap isn’t quite accurate. I was actually cocooned in my duvet, wrapped in my dressing gown eating all the satsumas under the sun and watching Dirty Dancing (ok maybe a few spoons of nutella too.)

As I was trying to get myself feeling in fettle for this week (new job starts today AAAaaah!) my efforts have been going into combatting dat cold, here’s my attempt.

7:30AM – Breakfast

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Sleep will always be the best healer when it comes to colds ‘n’ flus, however no matter how hard I try to have a lay in – my body clock tells me otherwise so I’m wide awake by 7AM. Even at weekends, nasty stuff.

You know what they say, starve a fever, feed a cold (I gladly abide) so I had a big ole bowl of granola with raspberries and almond milk, a plate of sliced apple with peanut butter, a satsuma and a lempsip, which may I add, are grim – I’ve been sipping on hot water, lemon and honey instead.

1:30PM – Lunch

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For lunch I had my Green GF Pizza (recipe up soon) smothered in pesto, feta, sun dried tomatoes and basil. Comfort food at its finest and packed full of good, nutritious stuff.

Snacks – All day

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Looks pretty aPEELing don’t ya think?

7.00 PM – Dinner

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In the attempt keep it healthy rather than eating my weight in hot cross buns, I whipped up some quinoa with everything I could find in the fridge chucked in then popped in Romaine lettuce as a kinda wrap alternative. I reckon it worked?

If you have just come down with a cold – lots of sleep, water and vitamin C is the best cure.

Happpppyyy Monday!