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Last Saturday me and my pal Fifi nipped over to Camden Foundry for an afternoon of cake, tea, clothes and chinwags with some ultimate babes at The Bloggers Market.

The world of bloggin’ is a weird and wonderful thing. It provides you with a little plot of internet to grow and create a mahoooosive archive of great content, memories and other mad antics, but it is also a lovely way to get to know some incredible folks all over the world, both online and in real life.

Ain’t it bizarre how we can feel like we know someone so well but we haven’t ever met them? I have made so many chums over the interwebz but I have never actually met em’ (or know what their voice sounds like, which can be bloomin’ strange). Cheers to some wonderful ladies (and FAB bloggers), we had the chance to spend an afternoon sampling cakes we have only ever seen in pixel form, browsing clothes and getting to know some lovely people.

Of course, as soon as I arrived I made a beeline for Liv’s honeycomb brownies

Olivia Purvis Brownies

Olivia Purvis

And Banana Bread… Would be rude not to, right?

Olivia Purvis Banana Bread

Olivia Purvis Banana bread

After warming our mitts with a cuppa T and eating our fair share of baked goods, we sifted through the many rails of clothes, and lots of other lovely bits and bobs…

The Bloggers Market

The Bloggers Market

And took looks of snaps, naturally.

The Bloggers Market

The Bloggers Market

The Bloggers Market

Shiny Thoughts The Bloggers Market

The Bloggers Market

Huge hats off to these ladies – Kristabel, Carrie, DunyaLucy and Olivia, what a perfect way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon!

Also I am a big fan of my new handmade postcard…

wishwishwish quote

One for the dream desk, one day!

PS: Cheers for the snap Amber – caught me red handed in my element!

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