Simple Things

immy may

I always think that being pretty happy ‘n’ smiley most of the time is down to you. 

It’s summin’ you gradually train yourself to do. I guess it is a skill to actively adopt a positive, happy and content mood despite the sitch you have found yourself in. I’m alright at maintaining a pretty sunny disposition (unless I’m hungry and slightly inconvenienced). But then again, there are always gonna be those days when the sky is a dull grey, the sub-zero winds are giving you grief, you missed your train, bleeeehbleeeh. All in all ya don’t feel top notch.

As well as a little positive thinking, it is so important to put aside an hour or so every day to just chill and unwind. Here are my simple ‘go to’ mood boosters for those times when you’re feeling a little uninspired…

No.1 had to be a cuppa T. There is almost nothing a mug of positiviTEA can’t help. Or a hot chocolate.


2. A decent playlist/album –  Good music will alter any mood. Pop on an album or playlist you know you love from start to finish, plug your headphones in, turn em’ up and drift off for a while.

3. Fresh bedsheets – is anything more comforting than slipping into fresh bedsheets that waft that glorious washing powder as you pull back the duvet? Extra marks if they are still warm from the tumble drier. Oooft. 

4. Candles – A laavely smelling candle or 5 always lights up my mood (lol). I instantly relax when I spark one up, theres something so soothing about them – especially when they fill your room with glorious smellzzz.

Diptyque Candle

5. Exercise – aaaalright, erryone says this and I know, when it is drizzling outside the last thing you want to do is get out and about in the wet. However, having a good sesh does wonders – if thats swimming, running, pilates or whateva. Even just for 15 minutes before you start your day, it will make the biggest difference on your productivity and all sorts!

6. Take a social media break – yop. Turn it aaaall off. Leave your phone and laptop in your room, spend time with your friends/fam and remain in the present. Being distracted by notifications or simply refreshing your feed and constantly feeling the need to remain updated on everyones lives is usually a waste of time. leaaave it yeeaaah?

7. Bake –  I know, tust Immy to say baking… But seriously folks, It’s good for the soul. I have oodles of recipes lurking around on this blog but you can never go wrong with a big ole pan of brownies.

Raspberry Cheesecake Brownies

8. Go for a stroll – It’s so nice to get out into the fresh air and bask in the sunshine for a few hours. Sometimes you forget how nice it is just to walk and talk, you don’t need any dollar, grab someone lovely or a decent pair of earphones and a good album and set off.

9. Say yes – When you’re in one of those ‘funks’ – you need that extra little push. The word yes simple but so powerful, I always harp on about it but I do think that agreeing and sticking to plans will never fail to bring you up and lead you to the best (and spontaneous) places!

10. Get comfy – Cosy PJ’s, bedsocks, hoody/knitwear/dressing gown. Pull your hair back, crack open Netflix and snuggle in your own comfort for a while (tea and chocolate compulsory).

Immy May Lifestyle Blogger

11. Run a bath – Pop in some dreamy products (LUSH and Cowshed goodies are my current faves) light some candles, pour a frosty glass of wine, pop on some music and sink into the suds. Slap on some lovely moisturisers then sink straight into bed.

12. Make plans – something so simple as making plans to see chums you ain’t seen in yonks will lighten up your mood. Too often we get wrapped up in our own lives and forget to make time for the people who make us chuckle and chuckling is the best.

13. Organise –  When I’m lacking some motivation, the only way to clear my mind properly is to organise, tidy and declutter. Feng Shui is always a great shout, and will declutter your room and mind making you feel more on top of errythang.

14. Lists –  similar to my previous point, I personally LOVE list making. There is something deeply satisfying about it. If they are ‘to do’ lists, potential blog posts – anything, it always feels so good to pour your ideas onto paper and then tick em’ off!

15. Get away –  Doesn’t need to be particularly exotic/ cost an arm and leg. Just hop on a train or in the car and flee to somewhere a little different for a few days. If you’re in a city – take yourself to the sea or countryside, if you’re in the country – plan a little day out in your closest city. Or if you really wanna push the boat out, hop on the ferry to France, a coach to Amsterdam or even a plane (Ryan Air) to somewhere you’ve never been. Distance always gives you a little perspective and a fresh outlook.

Bridsport Dorset

I hope you find these little tips and suggestions helpful – life is far too short to let little things get you down! At the end of the day it’s all about having as much fun as possible and enjoying what’s around ya! Smile and keep it nice and simple.

What little things make you happy?