Gluten Free Pancakes, Three Ways

Immy May Gluten Free Pancakes


I said it before and I’ll say it again. Shrove Tuesday is without doubt one of my favourite days of the year.

It is a day dedicated to munching, usually before you give up something you love for 40 days (Chocolate, usually… pshhhyeah right). Of course, you are free to rustle up a batch of pancakes at anytime, but Pancake Day just tends to add that extra sprinkle of excitement… The flipping competitions, litres of batter and an obscene amount of toppings to slap on top. What is there not to love?

As a gluten free lass, Pancake Day can be a bit of a pain in the bum. You can’t get involved in the whole flour affair but you can create the most glorious gluten free pancakes (much healthier too).

Don’t worry, health ain’t high on my priorities on this day but it is most definitely a plus – I make up for it with the ladles of Nutella on top… And whipped cream. And bacon. Mmmm bacon. OH GAD DAMN. The excitement is too much, LETS GET BATTERED.

Here are some of my favourite ways to have gluten free pancakes on P-Day…

The base will always be (for about 5 pancakes)

a handful of oats (blended)

2 bananas

1 egg

a pinch of baking powder

Blend it all up starting with oats, then banana, eggs one at a time then baking powder.

After that it’s down to you, I whipped up 3 different variations you might fancy trying out…

No.1 Raspberry and Coconut Cream.

Raspberry and Coconut Cream Pancakes

I use frozen raspberries (much cheaper) so I microwave em’ for 10 seconds to soften them then drop them into the batter.

Gluten Free Raspberry and coconut cream pancakes

Mix till combined then fry as usual on a low heat with a spray of one cal spray or a knob of butter.

Raspberry and Coconut cream pancakes

For the coconut cream, you will need a carton of the stuff (cooler the better, so store it in the fridge) whip it either by hand or with an electric whisk, I added some vanilla for a bit of extra flavour (how cool is this Dr. Oetker Vanilla grinder?)

Coconut cream

Pop your pancakes on a plate, add a few dollops of coconut cream, some extra raspberries and voila!

No.2 Banana and Nutella.

Banana and Nutella Gluten Free pancakes

Standard P-Day topping pleaser. I added a tablespoon of Nutella into the mix to give an extra bit of flavour, the more Nutella the better, no?

Nutella Gluten Free Pancakes

Nutella Gluten Pancakes

Generously smear on Nutella and top with Banana.

No. 3 Classic Lemon ‘n’ Sugar.

Lemon and Sugar Gluten Free Pancakes

Yup, can’t go wrong with that. I popped some lemon rind into the mix for an extra zesty kick.

Lemon and Sugar Gluten Free Pancakes

Oh, and don’t forget to pop this corker on as you’re flippin’ those pancakes…

Grab a few mugs of tea…

Cup of Tea

Add your toppings…

Nutella on Pancakes

Nutella and Banana Gluten Free Pancakes

Lemon and Sugar Pancakes

Raspberry and coconut cream

Annnnnnd GOBBLE!

Pancake Day

Pancake Day 2015

Pancake Day Banana and Nutella

I hope you have a vvuuuunderful Pancake Day – I would love to see snaps of your toppings, I’m over on Instagram @MissImmyMay. AND the sun is shining! What a day, whaaaada a day.