Christmas Jumper Season

Elf Christmas Jumper Primark

I am feeling SUPER festive. 

I mean aside from the point that I have been working in a Christmas Grotto everyday since the 7th of November, we are now in December folks – time to get our festive owwwnnn! This chooon has been on a loop in my head for the past few days…

What an absolute corker.

Anyway, with the month of December comes the sudden influx of CHRISTMAS JUMPERS. The more terrible, embarrassing and utterly tacky the better, I took myself to Primark to pick one out.

Battling the sea of agitated shoppers and buggies is almost worth is when you’re in need of cheap and cheerful festive garms as there are ooodles of em’ to get your mitts on. Due to my current occupation I thought it was only right to go for this particular Elf number…

Christmas Elf Jumper

That LIGHTS UP Ooooh yaaaaaah..

Tis’ the month of advent calendars (£1 shop peppa pig holla, cheers Mum), many a paper cup of mulled wine, cold hands and twinkling lights.

I was thinking over the next few weeks it would be laaavely to pop up some Festive favourites of mine – a few recipes (time to nail the gluten free mince pie) and places for you to nip along to if you find yourself in London over the next few weeks.

What do ya recommend?