The Good Life Eatery

Good Life Eatery

I believe I may be a little late on the blog wagon with this one, however I’ma post about it anyway as I think it’s bloomin’ excellent – and there’s a small chance you may not know about this particular joint, so let me introduce you to The Good Life Eatery. A wholesome, LA-esque, allergy friendly cafe nestled in the heart of Chelsea. 

I was on an early shift yesterday and fancied getting up at at em’ for an early morning pitstop of hearty, nourishing fuel before starting at 9AM. Slightly more fancy than my usual microwaved porridge and rushed slurp of tea before I flee the house. In order to get there with oodles of time to spare,  I left my house before daylight crept in, I KNOW – I am not usually the one who sacrifices bed for breakfast but judging by the picture above it was pretty worth it, right? riiiighhhht.

Morning Dusk

Despite being silly o’clock, there’s something so cosy about leaving the house all wrapped up in that beautiful moment of morning dusk whilst everyone’s still sleeping. I’m not sure weather it’s because between the warm orange glowing street lamps and the deep cobalt blue sky, or that this time reminds me of setting off on holiday – but it is comforting strolling along still, empty roads. I plugged myself in and hopped on the bus.

Street Lamp

Street Lights

I arrived in Chelsea just as day light flooded the streets in and shuffled into the cafe, tummy grumbling.

The little cafe out with wooden floorboards, exposed brick wall, warm lamps, the strong smell of fresh coffee and Shaggy coming in from the speakers, it is definitely the place to be yo’.

The Good Life Eatery

Everything on the breakfast menu looked incredible (all the more reasons to come back) however this time I went for the ‘Skinny Benedict’: poached eggs, avocado, pesto tomatoes and saffron yoghurt over gluten free bread. OOOfffttt…

The Good Life Eatery

Skinny Eggs Benedict Good Life Eatery

Just look at that beaaaauty…


I’m not yolking, I think I may be the best eggs benny I’ve ever had. Which is sayin’ summin. The Good Life Eatery have poached my heart!

The Good Life Eatery

After I cleared my place (approx 2 mins) I set off for work. Not without having a little ganders at their incredible spread of baked gluten free goodness.


Spelt flour croissants, amazing.


I briefly glanced over at their fridge fully stocked with their classic cold pressed, raw juices – 1/4 of me considered purchasing one to complete the LA stylleeee breakfast experience, however I am not on the level of health yet so my attention passed to the cakes once more!


Aaaaah that’s better…


I mean just look at em’. I went for a banana muffin and set off into the bluster with a latte warming my hands and the happiest of tummies.


The Good Life Eatery

There are SO many cafes dotted around that I have on my list to visit. Do toy have any suggestions?