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Everyone is dropping like mince pies at the moment. All I can hear on the tube to work are sniffles, sneezes and naaasty sounding coughs. Despite my efforts to steer clear of these ‘orrible virus’ and bugs by smothering myself in strawberry laces anti-bac gel (SO good) and munching on a bunch of vitamin C, somehow one cheeky bug(ger) got into my system and I have come down with a pesky chest infection. Naaat cool. 

I wrapped myself up in the biggest coat I own and nipped down to the doctors and shops to stock up on paracetamol and blueberries and thought I would nip into WHSmith to see if they had a certain book in stock…

Girl Online Zoe Sugg


If you read blogs on the regular you will almost certainly know of the laaavely lady that is Zoe Sugg. Over the past few years, the weird and wonderful world of blogging has taken off in the most incredible way. Blogging started as small little plots of internet claimed by people who fancied documenting snippets of their life and chatting about anything that popped to mind to entertain the eyes of anyone that stumbled across their web address (It is still all those things). However, whiz forward a couple of years and a few of the folks who were sat in their PJ’s tapping away at their laptops whilst sipping a cuppa T are now absolutely storming the media; billboards, brand ambassadors, books, beauty ranges – the list goes on and ooon.

As well as representing a new wave of media, by using the blogging to connect with people from all corners of the world, these people have created a huge community of like minded people which brings oodles of support, positivity and inspiration for so many people. Ladies like Zoe have circulated the interwebz and brought back milliiions of followers. Pretty mind boggling really. Now she’s released a book, a bloody BOOK on the shelves of WHSmith?! If that doesn’t deserve a pat on the back, I don’t know what does.


Girl Online

Blogging creates a wide open window into whatever you want to do or whatever you want to voice. If you are thinking of starting a blog, even if you’re not sure of what it is you want to blog about – just do it. You don’t need to fit any sort of mould, just write the blog you would want to read – ya know? I can guarantee there will be people also sat in their rooms tapping away at their laptops on the same wavelength as you.

Girl Online

Girl Online Zoella

I pulled myself away from the book to write this post and nip downstairs to make another mug of tea before I dive into the next chapter. Tea made, Candle lit and the new Ben Howard album on. Being ill ain’t always so bad. Have you got the book yet, what do you think?