London Docklands Sunrise

Mooooooorning! How was your weekend? I’m not sure about you, but when the weather is wet, drizzly ‘n’ cold, the plans made to get your glad rags on, hit the town and boogie on till the early hours rapidly disintegrates into chillin’ with your chums, gobbling cake, drinking tea and watching Space Jam in your PJ’s. 

Like a bunch of 13 year olds fuelled by sweets, we decided to pull an all nighter so we could stroll down to the docks and watch sunrise whilst the city was still sleeping and the grey skies hadn’t yet set in. There’s something so beautiful and serene about watching the sunrise, it’s like a mahooosive water colour painting gradually flooding the sky with bright pinks, deep oranges and cobalt blues. We sat on the bridge and watched the sun peep through (ahem, listened to circle of life off my phone.) As the world woke up, we collapsed into bed, snoozed till 4PM (yikes!) then made a big ole supper and watched Pretty Woman.

Sometimes it ain’t all about getting out and about at the weekend, it is equally nice to replace the vodka with tea, heels with slippers and just relaaaaax.

Have a lovely Monday!