Healthy Snack: DIY Hummus


Following my post on all things health related, I thought I’d pop up the first (and my favourite) healthy snack. HUMMUS. It is by far the dip of ALL dips. I don’t know of many people who don’t gobble it in the masses, it tastes good, it’s full of flavour and  it is packed with all sorts of goodness and a load of protein  which everyone, especially if you’re a veggie or a student (no dollar fo’ meat) probably could do with some more of.

I always used to buy pots and pots of the stuff, then I… Woke up and smelt the hummus… When my friend whipped together her own homemade stuff. You can create the most delightful mouth euphoria by just chucking a bunch of ingredients together, whizzing em’ up and dunking in a carrot. Easayyy peasaaay lemon squeezaaay.

All you need for a hauuuge batch is:

2 tins of chickpeas

1 big clove of garlic

1 big ole lemon (to taste)

Big drizzle of olive oil

Big drizzle of sesame oil



Pop em’ all into a pot and blend till you have a laavely creamy paste, scoop into a bowl and get dippin’

If you fancy more hummus recipes, check this out – one of the many reasons why I laaaav pinterest.

Guide to Hummus


ooOOOoo so many possibilities!

Let me know over on the tweeteeer if you give it a go! @ImogenMay_