Gluten Free at Beas

Beas of Bloomsbury

I am a big fan of my Cake and Tea London book – as you may know, I carry it around errywhere in my bag, just incase the craving strikes when I’m out and about town. There are still a lot to try, but I am slowly working (or eating) my way through the long list of dreamy looking cafes dotted about town. 

The only litttttle problem is that I can only enjoy em’ properly if they have gluten free bits and bobs – otherwise it is just well, tea. Which frankly ain’t an option. Luckily more and more cafes are introducing a gluten free range to the rostra. Knowing that I am a fan of gluten free loveliness, Beas of Bloomsbury invited me down to try out their GF bakes, so I shrugged on my jacket, pulled on some boots and headed on down.

Beas of Bloomsbury

I sat down with the brains behind the GF range, Abi to have a chinwag about everything gluten free, but first a big ole cappuccino and a slab of their Banana and Pecan loaf.

Banana and Maple Beas of Bloomsbury


It was beautifully soft and moist (had to say it). Unlike the usual crumbly affair you get with most GF goods – bananas are a great way to boost the moisture and bind all the ingredients together, they use GF flour as the substitute with creamed butter and sugar, so I may have a go at making my own banana and pecan loaf of loveliness without the butter and sugar so keep your eyes peeled!

Gluten Free Beas of Bloomsbury

Next, the Abi appeared with their gluten AND dairy free cookies. I took a bite and cooorrrrrrrrr, heaven in my mouth. Beautifully melty, soft and gooey in the middle ‘n’ crunchy on the outside – the recipe was secret but I would most definitely grab one next time you pass by, absolutely dreamy.

Beas of Bloomsbury Gluten Free

We sat and chatted for a whilst and I polished of my various cakes and slurped down the rest of my coffee.

Beas of Bloomsbury

Feeling round and happy, I nipped off with a bag full of delights to eat on the bus, gluten-ous I know!

Where’s you favourite spots for gluten free goods?