Feeling Festive

Christmas Baileys

Who’s strolled into a shop over the past few weeks and thought BY JOVE, WHY is there Christmas stuff is out and it aint even been Halloween yet?! Yeaaah I know, I feel like Summer was last week too. But, just checked the ‘Xmas Clock’ and Christmas is only 64 days away. I guess that means tomorrow really, doesn’t it? PLUS I spotted a competition from Transun, offering the chance to be whisked off to Lapland for the day (!?) seems like the most magical thing ever, so I guess I had better dig out the Christmas Jumper.

Before we get down to it, you need to press play on this to realllyyy get that little tingling of festivity working its way up from your fingers to your toes (I feeeeel it in my fingers I feel it in my toooessss) I reckon we could get away with Love Actually now, don’t you think?

Despite not quiiiite being socially acceptable to get festive quite yet, I start my job as an Elf  next week. That’s right boys and girls, I’m going to be a Christmas Elf at Harrods HA (come and see me!) So before I get sucked under deep into the world of Christmas and Santa’s grotto up until the 24th on December, I thought I would share the best bits ‘n’ bobs around London town before the Christmas season gets going. The run up to Christmas is one of the loveliest and magical times, the chance to your inner 5 year old off the leash.

Tis’ the season for ultimate cosiness and endless films that make you feel all warm ‘n’ fluffy, I’m pretty much on a cycle of Elf, Polar Express and Grinch, what are your faves? I need some more to add to the rostra! These Christmas marathons are of course supplemented with a steady supply of tea, mulled wine and mince pies (keep your eyes peeled for a gluten free batch I’m working on)

If you find yourself in the smoke over the next few months, these are my top  festive spots if you fancy getting festive…

1. Winter Wonderland

Winter wonderland

This place will forever and always be the ULTIMATE No.1  on my Christmas to-do list. It really is the most magical place for all (literally all) things festive, you can breeze around the midst of excitable Christmas lovin’ folk and wind through the glittering markets, food stalls and many bars whilst jigging (jaeger and mulled wine induced) to the Christmas tooons blaring from the speakers. Grab everyone and anyone and head on down, I’ll see ya there. Open from the 21st of November!

2. Christmas Markets

Covent Gardens

One of the cosiest of Christmas activities. I say, get up on a saturday morning, round up your palls, pull on your cosiest christmas jumper, scarf, hat, gloves, the whole shebang then head out to the markets armed with a flask of something lovely (hot cider/mulled wine I reckon) and a little bag of homemade mince pies to nibble on as you go round. Markets are the best places to pick up lovely little presents for your friends and fam and is an excellent alternative to the classic 23rd of December Oxford street dash, which can’t possibly be good for anyone involved.  Wonder around whilst clutching your mulled wine/cider to keep your kits warm then when your nose gets too cold, find a pub and have a roast. Perfect way to spend a Saturday right?

3. Get Your Skates On

Ice Skating Christmas

Well, you can’t visit London around Christmas without getting out on the ices and doing the rounds with a penguin shuffle, gradually build your confidence to loose grip of the side then dramatically topple onto your bum (x10). You could either have a double whammy and go whilst you are at Winter Wonderland, or go a little more fancy and visit Somerset House rink or the Natural History Museum – there are SO many dotted about.

4. All Of The Lights


London is the most magical lookin’ place when it is adorned in shimmering lights. I reckon cities should be draped with fairy lights at all times – should I start a petition? Even if you just stroll through central London – and perhaps visit me down at Harrods, I mean ain’t it beautiful?

5. SantaCon


I did a post on this last year but it really is absolute festive madness, spend the most of the day and night dressed as Santa with all your chums and 10000’s of others washing London in white and red. I reckon we should have a blogger gathering at SantaCon with all of ya who fancy it, what do you reckon? All bloggers in one place, dressed as Santa, very merry. Sounds like a plan.

6. Get Your Bake On

Christmas Baking

It comes without saying that the darker months are pretty much devoted to baking. There’s nothing better than creating a batch of festive goods, lighting the first (if you have one) if not, switch on the blow heater, climb into your onesie and gobble. Alternatively, give em’ as Christmas presents, cheap ‘n’ cheerful – you really can’t go wrong. I did a series of different ideas a few winters ago – type in ‘Christmas Baking’ into my archives to find them. I personally recommend salted chocolate truffles, you ain’t lived till you’ve tried them I’m telling ya.

What have I missed?! Let me know if there’s another festive gems in London I don’t know about (I’m pretty sure theres miillions)

Anyway, what you dressing as for halloween? Hohoho.