Boris Bikes, Jersey Boys and Dancing

It was Mums Birthday on Saturday. Birthdays are always special, but this was a biggun so we went at it with all guns blazing.  

This post is pretty much a jumble of family photos and drunken snaps from a bloooomin’ excellent party, but I wanted to stick em’ up on here whilst the hangover is fresh so I can scroll through this blog in years to come and remenise on good times, coz that’s what blogs are all about, right?

It was a day of Birthday madness, kicking off with a breakfast of fruit salad, pastries and tea in abundance. Mum opened presents whilst her hairdresser did her hurrrr ready for a day of celebrations.  We hopped on Boris bikes and cycled through a beautifully Autumnal sun drenched London to the theatre, the epitome of glamour right there!


We shimmied into our seats ready for two hours of Jersey Boys, which might just be THE BEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN. EVER. I grooved so much, clicking, clapping, howling ‘BIG GIRRRRLS DON’T CRY’ and generally having the time of ma life, along with everyone else in the theatre.

It really was incredible, I would recommend it to everyone and anyone. (I’m listening the soundtrack as I’m writing this post in fact)

Whilst still step tapping and clapping, we hopped on the train and whizzed home ready for the next round of celebrations. All the family and mums chums turned up ready to boogie on dooowwwn, drink champagne and eat buckets of curry, stacks of naan and huge slices of cake.


How utterly beautiful is my Mum? She just glows, all the time – sequin dress or not!

I popped together a playlist of Lou Bega, Earth Wind & Fire, Sean Paul,The Sugarhill Gang and a bunch of other corkers to get everyone grooving along till the early hours.

Spot me lurking in the background, I think I was having a good time?


Me and my brother took to the stage to resight all the lyrics to Rappers Delight (this seems to happen at every family event) “…Singin’ on’n’n’on’n’on on’n’on, like a hot buttered pop da pop da pop dibble dibble, pop da pop pop, don’t you dare stop, come alive y’all, gimme whatcha got!” with slurred voices and a few silences.


After gypsy jazz from my brothers band Duncan Disorderly and The Scallywags, (check em out) it was time for speeches, more presents and cake cutting. Which I didn’t manage to snap unfortunately!

After people started to say there goodbyes and drift home with heels in hands, we sank into the sofas for a few more hours of drinkin’ and jammin’.

Duncan Disorderly and The Scallywags

I ended up dozing off into a happy, champagne induced snooze, waking up a few hours later to that beautiful Sunday smell of cooking bacon and fresh coffee.


We guzzled tea, ate Birthday cake, walked the dogs and feasted on the left over Indian, what a Birthday weekend!