All Things Health

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A bunch of people have recently asked me to give em’ some tips ‘n’ advice on healthy eating and lifestyle in general.

Now, I will start by saying I am in no way a health expert, neither am I an uber clean eater or one of those folk who get out running every other day (have you looked outside? PAH!) However when I do focus and get myself organised (preparation is key) I would say I can be pretty healthy gal most of the time without starving myself or munching flavourless stodge (ain’t nobody got time for dat). I have been through many different phases over the last few years at university and have picked up a bunch of tips along the way, so I though I would share them with you!

Grab a cuppa T and lets get started.


SO, this ain’t no diet, or fad or anything that will just make you feel miserable, unmotivated and unsatisfied. As well as providing us with fuel and nutrients that will keep us in fine fettle, food is the subject of creativity, culture and should always be enjoyed so lets leave out this shoddy shakes, bars that I am pretty sure are made of sawdust, and worst of all baby food (I’ve been there, I know – who even am I?)


Here are the simplest rules that I try my best to live by that really do make a visible difference not only to your appearance but to general well being which is just (if not more) important as how ya look on the outside.

Tip 1. Eat as close to the ground as possible.

Immy May

K, can’t justify that one.

What I’m sayin’ is the more natural and unrefined the food is, the better. This is where preparation is important, everyone knows that homemade grub is by far the best but it can be absolute missions when you are much rushed off your feet all day and have no time make yourself a good ole hearty meal (we’ve all been there, two for Tuesdays I’m lookin’ at you).

When you think of fresh, unrefined grub you tend to think AH that’s gonna get expensive and inconvenient so I will just stick to my potato smileys, chicken nuggets, chips ‘n’ beans cheers.  But I promise you that it is easy and will actually save you money, over the next few weeks I will be posting a series of cheap, easy and tasty meal and snack ideas for you to test out – basically, the mentality to adopt is to steer clear of the ingredients you can’t understand/read, makes sense, rigggght?

Tip 2. Drink more.

Glass of water

Keep those fluids flowin yo’. Staying hydrated does absolute wonders for your body, skin, hair, concentration, energy, hunger (pretty much improves everything). I realise that a lot of folk may not dig the ole H2O (keep at it and you will lav it) but if you need a little bit of an extra kick of flavour, squeeze in some lemons ‘n’ limes, raspberry, mint – whatever floats your boat. You have probably already heard this one miiillllion times but your body also enjoys a big ole mug of green tea, if you aren’t too much of a fan but still want to get involved in the herbal tea madness, try out Twinings green tea selections, my favourite is the peach and cherry blossom one, MmHMM.

Also, try to steer clear of carbonated drinks and juice (shop brought ones, not homemade smoothies – keep em flowing!) Fizzy drinks are notoriously full of sugar and other nasty chemicals that will do you no good, it can be hard to break the habit (truuuust) but with a little perseverance you won’t crave that can of coke anymore, you will find yourself craving a big, icy glass of limey water instead.

Tip 3. Full fat is good fat.

full fat milk

I know, it makes sense to opt for that 0% fat option, doesn’t it? There is a huge stigma attached to ‘fat’, everyone (including myself) backs off at the sight of ‘full fat’ but lets face it, it tastes waaay better and it is actually better for us. Non-fat or half-fat stuff is much worse as our body has no idea what to do with all the other stuff they bulk it up with to make it taste good. Sugar,  salt, chemicals and so much stuff that our body is like eugh, what the bejeebus is this? Go on, buy the full fat yoghurt next time you go to the shops. It will be 10x better, just don’t eat the whole pot.

Tip 4. Get moving.


Stating the obvious here. The drizzle and cold weather is making the decision between going out running OR wrapping up in a bundle of blankets and watching Netflix increasingly more difficult, however we do need to get active. When I don’t feel like getting out and about, I just try to stay on my feet and do something active after I eat a meal rather than sitting down; y’know do the washing up, tidy your room, go to the shops. Obviously this isn’t a hardcore, sweat errrywhere workout – but it will aid your digestion a fair bit. I have found that Rosie’s pre-breakfast workout is also excellent so make sure you give that a go.

Tip 5: Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean munching endless bowls of sad lookin’ leaves.


Taking care of yourself and improving the way you look and feel doesn’t mean you have to live off meals you don’t like and don’t really touch the sides (salad and egg whites for dinner? WOT?!) Living like this just means that you will end up crashing and swinging Maccy D’s on the way home because you can’t stand it anymore, no one deserves to share the same diet as a guinea pig. Focus on what good, substantial foods you do enjoy and work from there. If you love cheese, have cheese. If you love steak have a bladdy steak – u get mi?

Eating healthy also doesn’t mean you need to steer clear of the sweet stuff. I have an unstoppable sweet tooth which led me to blogging in the first place, you really can make incredible tasting, sweet, lavely goods whilst leaving out the sugar. Have a ganders through my baking/gluten free posts if you fancy giving em a go.

Those tips are my essentials, but you can also hop over and check out this post I wrote a while back full of healthy tips.

Keep an eye out for the recipes to come, in the mean time – what’s your top healthy tip? Lemme know yo’