Vogue Fashion’s Night Out

Vogue Fashions Night Out

Last week I had an email pop into my inbox asking if I fancied coming town to Vogue Fashion’s Night Out with Superdry. Over the years I have heard a lot about the shenanigans that take place at VFNO from a bunch of bloggers and was curious to see what it was aaaall about. I wouldn’t say I was the biggest fashionista. Don’t get me wrong, I admire and appreciate beautiful garms popped together in stunning ensembles but I tend to stick with classic, timeless pieces that I know suit my shape and will make me feel lovely rather than an uncomfortable lemon.

Despite often sticking to wardrobe regulars (pencil skirt, crop top and leather jacket combo), experimenting with different looks is such a lovely way to express your personality and make you feel one miiiilion dollars. With London Fashion Week having just graced the smoke with fashion medness, everyone is feelin’ fresh and inspired for another season. Fashion Week is hectic and a little hard to get yourself in and amongst the buzz of it all, so #VFNO is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the antics, with the freedom breeze in an out of your favourite shops up and down Oxford and Regent Street as you please (and get your nails and hair done whilst your at it!)

I cropped up on Oxford street early and ready to get involved with the various antics, starting with River Island…

River Island

Each shop was buzzing with bloggers, stylists, fashion lovers and very happy shoppers that clearly struck gold in deciding to pop into town on this particular occasion. I mean, complementary cocktails and candy floss when you shop – could it get any better?

River Island Immy May

River Island

Vogue Fashions Night Out

After having a chinwag with some lovely bloggers, I headed down to Super Dry where I was welcomed by an impressive array of sweets. A gaggle of us hovered around the jars with longing eyes – someone had to go in for the kill, I nominated myself.

Super Dry

Fashions Night Out

Super Dry

Beneath lay a chest of Chi coconut goods in a bed of ice. I’m not much of a fan of coconut water, my tastebuds find it bizarre and I can’t quite get used to the odd taste of it all, however Chi chocolate milk was summin’ else.

Chi Coconut Milk

After being guided through Superdry’s incredibly beautiful new collection by the lovely Lilah Parsons, we shuffled further into the shop for a set from The Fireflies.



Utterly stunning music, check them out here. 

I stayed and circulated the room a little longer then headed to Liberty in search of Hemsley and Hemsley (I was at FNO for the food it transpires, classic Immy)

I got a little sidetracked on the way…


The most potent Mojito and Pina Colada ice lollies at House of Holland courtesy of Mahiki, of course.

House of Holland

Eventually I made my way through to where I felt most comfortable, surrounded by baked goods with the Hemsley and Hemsley ladies!

Hemsley Hemsley

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting the vuuuuunderful Melissa and sampling their black bean brownies – which may I add are some of the BEST brownies I have ever tried. They are right up there on my ever-growing baking to do list.

Melissa Hemsley

After a health foodie chat and a few more brownies, my job at VFNO was done. I winded through the streets filled with music and fuelled by cocktails, hopped on a bus and ate my remaining pic-a mix all the way home.

Where you out and about at VFNO? Lemme know!