On Moving Home

Giff Gaff Be Your Own Boss

Yup. It Happened.

 I am currently sat ere’ in my Mummas house feeling incredibly ODD and surrounded by boxes packed to the brim with photos, fairy lights, balls of blue tak, recipe books and all the various bits and bobs I have accumulated over the past 3 years.

Being fresh outta uni is tough, ain’t gonna lie. You suddenly find yourself out of education and a stable routine, with no support or real deadlines and BAM you find yourself on the bloomin’ scary boarder of real life. 

Moving home feels completely alien when you have lived away for three years with ultimate independence and freedom have whatever lifestyle you fancy. 3AM baking, daytime PJ wearing (never seen why this is considered wrong), varying diets, casually rolling into uni after a night out with not one disapproving look and all other manic antics that go along with living with a bunch of pals. Things have been tougher than I expected, looming bills, random jobs, rejection and a liiitle lack of direction has ended up with me crumbling under the inevitable graduate pressure that hits most graduates like a ton of super noodles. And I’m not the only one – most of my chums who I have spent three years with at uni have gradually packed up and returned to their parents humble abodes, wherever that is.

Boomerang Generation

Someone mentioned to me that the youngsters of today are called the ‘Boomerang generation’ (y’know, goes so far then returns to where it came from) Back in my parents ‘n’ grandparents day (and probably yours too), they would leave at 18 or younger and that would be that. But with less job opportunities and higher living costs, a bunch of young people who have just accomplished independence are having to pop it on hold whilst they slip back under their parents roof whilst they save up and prepare to fly the nest once more.

I don’t tend to write much about big ole life decisions up on here, there’s enough grumbling on the web – I don’t wanna add to any negative vibes – s’all about positivity and cake up on here! But then I thought, u know wot – I am pretty sure a lot of you may be about to go through, going through or have gone through this little chapter of life – so I thought it would be nice to have a chat about it.

Although it feels ‘orrible to admit you need a little support and leave a group of your closest friends – it is so important to know when you need to just take a wee step back and look out for yourself, do all you can to get comfy and feel like you can take over the world again. Sometimes accepting the most obvious solution has to happen so you can find those feet and get yourself back to a good position. I have been getting involved in Giff Gaff’s #AllTheBoss campaign, letting erryone know that YOU and in full control of your life, you are the one that decides what direction you steer it in and how you are going to go about it. Absolutely nothing is out of your hands, even though it feels like it sometimes.

Despite having JUST moved back home, I have a few little bits of advice and tips for living under your rents roof. (Can you tell I’ve been thinking about this a lot?)

1. Keeping it clean – In order to decrease tension as much as possible and to keep everyone happy as Larry, making sure you clean up after yourself will keep you from having you head bitten off by an angry Mother. And anyway, it is always important to be mindful of everyone around you and learn to be clean as second nature rather than letting your dishes soak for days. (you know what I’m talking bout)

2. Make yourself at home – If you are returning to the room last lived in by the 18 year old version of yourself, have a MAHOOSIVE clean out and transform it into a lovely sanctuary you feel comfortable in. It is bizarre to find yourself living in your pre-uni room, so get rid of those clothes you will never wear again, chuck out all the random shizzle you stuck on your walls and create a fresh, plain canvas.

3. Have plans – OK so you may not be able to have a load of people round to make fajitas and drink till the early hours, but you need to make sure you don’t get into the habit of staying home with your fam, rinsing Netflix, eating and having baths (although that doesn’t sound all that bad) but that’s not what life is aaaaall about. Now your housemates ain’t there to bombard your room and drag you out of your bed and to the club – it’s down to you to motivate yourself and get out. Make plans and stick to em, then return to your little sanctuary to recuperate.

4. Appreciate – Your parents may ask you where you are/when you are coming home, what hours you are working, why you don’t have a proper job yet, for more tea, clean the house, tidy your room and so on BUT always keep in mind that they are doing you a huge favour in temporarily taking you under their wing and giving you a bed to sleep in. Consider yourself lucky that it is a possibility! Despite having calls at 12.15 asking why you aren’t home and the above, they still care for you a helluva lot. You are also saving yourself a huge amount of dollar every single month that you can put towards adventures and travels all over the world, as opposed to struggling to keep up and never being able to go out and enjoy yourself properly. Although, stick to your tight student budget as much as you can to decrease saving/paying back time. Show em the respect, keep motivated and all will be well!

5. Make a plan – Sit down, grab a cup of tea and make a plan for the following year. Note down everything you want to do; places you want to see, where you want to be with your career then work towards it every day.  Work your little (big) bootay off and you will get there without a doubt. (TRUST)

I find that a lot of people talk about real life in a negative light – ok ya you do have to think about debts and all other ins and outs which can make you feel all over the place – but you are always in full control of your destiny (getting deep all up in your grill), don’t see these moves as a step back – see it as a stepping stone to the next amazing chapter of life. Ya get mi?

Are you moving back home? What tips do you have? do let me know down below or give me a cheeky tweet @ImogenMay_