Lab Organic

Lab Organic With the winter winds just breezing in and rustling the leaves making us feel just a tiny bit nippy and pretty much everyone has been through, or is going through that grim ‘cya l8r summer’ cold – now is the time to give your body a little TLC and help out your immune system as much as possible to prevent you from not being able to frolic in the lovely Autumnal weather. 

When it comes to your health and wellbeing in general, s’all about putting in what you wanna get out and taking a little time to realise what yo’ body needs so you can get the best outcome and feel one millllion dollars. The basics of this are making sure you get a load of sleep, water, exercise and most importantly gud fud (good food). The other day I was invited down to Lab Organic to have a little chat about all things health ’n’ lifestyle over a smoothie with the lovely Sofia, founder of Lab Organic.
Lab Organic

The little shop is tucked away in Neal Street in Covent Garden, ready to fuel you up with the best things for your body, fresh, whole, top notch ingredients that will make your body scream ‘MMM GIMME MOOORE’.  They offer a lovely spot for you to relax and refuel with the best kind of goodness, or just to pop in for an energy pitstop if you’re feeling a little worse for wear, I mean they even do health shots – a shot of health, what’s not to love?! It is so good to see more and more pop ups and new businesses around the place all focussed on aiding and helping folks experiment with leading a healthier lifestyle, opening their eyes (and tastebuds) to new and wonderful things.

Health Shots Lab Organic

First up, we grabbed a smoothie. It did take me around 837 hours to choose which one I fancied as they all looked and sounded beautiful – I eventually choose Sofia’s favourite, The Mood Booster: Almond mylk, pecans, cacao powder, cacao nibs, banana, vanilla bean, maca, almond butter and agave nectar. Phew! Blissfully sweet without being at all overpowering, 10’s from me.

Lab Organic

Mood Booster Lab Organic

I chatted with Sofia about her inspiration to start up Lab Organic, one being the discovery that a clean diet packed full of grub at its raw state can cure and aid illnesses purely from the medicinal benefits your body gets from the food, rather than relying on antibiotics and tablets, everything you need to ward off illness you can find in your food – Sofia is out to spread the word and let people know that you really can feel 100% completely naturally, proving that the diet and lifestyle you adopt can have the biggest effect from the inside out. Lab Organic The great thing about Lab Organic is that they are open to collaborating with bloggers, planning to hold regular events and possibly a few masterclasses so you can learn a bunch of new info, meet a load of lovely people and come away feeling wise and inspired.  Their most recent collaboration was with Naturally Sassy (find her blog here) to create a bunch of natural goods for everyone to try, vegan lasagne, date brownies the whole vegan, raw and unrefined shebang. Raw Brownie Lab Organic Providing a platform for foodie masterminds to create and experiment with new gluten free, dairy free (errything free) endeavours and come up with clean goodness for everyone who drops by is a wonderful thing! I would definitely recommend popping down for a smoothie and a brownie next time you’re in Covent Garden, here is their twitter so you can follow their updates and be in the know for following events, recipes and all that jazz. If you fancy trying out a few of my gluten/dairy/sugar free goods – here are my fav’s… Gluten free, Vegan Pumpkin Pie  Vegan Pumpkin Pie Gluten Free Bread Gluten Free Bread Healthy Caramel Bites  Healthy Caramel Bites Chocolate (Avocado) Mousse  Avocado Mousse Sweet Potato Brownies Sweet Potato Brownies Gluten Free Pancakes 

Gluten Free Pancakes

Are you a fan of the clean eating lifestyle? What are your favourite vegan bloggers – or are you one yourself? Let me know in the comments as I’d love to check ya out! Ix