Hunger Magazine Shindig

Hunger Magazine

Last night the loveliest Fifi Newbery and I popped to Camden for the Hunger Magazine partaaay launching The Fearless issue.  We were both full of cold, probably in great need of a lemsip rather than a G&T, however we powered on through with a grin, stifling sneezes and boogied on down amongst all the many crazy folk of the creative industries.

Fifi Newbery and Immy May

I clocked this tower of dreams as soon as stepped foot in the premises. After a couple of party choons I couldn’t resist any longer, I closed my eyes and took a bite of MY FIRST EVER KRISPY KREME (I know, shocking) I opened my eyes and stood before me was no other than the delightful Jim Chapman!

Krispy Kreme

It is  bizarre when you meet Youtubers in the flesh as you know so much about their lives and they know naaattthing about yours! I introduced myself by popping my hand on his shoulder, with Krispy Kreme icing round my chops and said “oooo allo Jim!” Despite feeling a leiitttle creepy, we had a lovely chinwag. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to snap a picture with the fella, I always forget to whip my camera out in these moments! After chatting about Youtube, blogging and Tanya’s Cookies, we headed back into the party…

Hunger Magazine  Hunger Magazine  Immy May Hunger Magazine

We somehow stumbled into the VIP area like a couple of lost goats and I ended up dad dancing with Rankin – if you’re not sure what I mean by ‘Dad Dancing’ this is what I mean…

Hunger Magazine

We danced right up until the end, grabbed a magazine and strolled home bare foot (classy as ever), fell into bed and woke up to this cherub.

Ping Ping

If you haven’t checked em’ out already, Fifi has writhed a few articles for Hunger magazine over the summer – the most recent being a Bestival Top Ten – head on over and have a read! Don’t forget to check out her blog whilst you’re at it!