Weekend Wanderings


Well dang, it is now a grey Monday morning. Let’s rewind to a few days shall we? 

A gaggle of my Island chums came up to the smoke for some much needed tomfoolery and London adventures. On Saturday nigh we played beer pong, laughed a lot and ate many a pizza. I do enjoy a good party but sometimes the day after, hungover out and about in London with your pals is even better, ya feel me?

We woke up hazy and burry eyed and meandered down to Bill’s for breakfast. I have heard incredible things about this place, mostly from Zoe and it did naaat disappoint. I went for the veggie breakfast and a cappuccino and OH MY, how have I not been here before? Cheers Bill, you sorted me right out.


Feeling full ‘o’ beans, we hopped on a train to Waterloo to have a little meander around the Southbank, my favourite spot in London to hang out when the sun is shining.

Train View

This little promenade along the Thames is a huge creative space always so full of life, art, culture and everything you would want from a day out in the shmoooke. At the moment the Festival of Love has taken over, adorning everything in vibrant colours, slogans and generally just spreading the love to everyone that passes by. Nice, innit?

Southbank London


We strolled along the river a little further to see what else was happenin’. This is what we found…

Lizard Man

Of all breeds of human to walk the planet, we found a lizard man. THOSE TONGUES THO.

Lizard Man

Not feeling entirely sure about what we just layed eyes on, we nipped further into the London Wanderground festival. It felt like a secret hideout you wouldn’t usually stumble across if it wasn’t for curiosity. It is full of performance, circus acts, music, food trucks, a lot of Pimms and funfair rides.


After a little while our tummies started to grumble again and it was time for more fooooood (I am a bottomless pit). This time we went for Wagamamas where I have also never been before, a day of culinary firsts it seems! It was amazing. Fresh, full of flavour and accompanied by free green tea which is always a plus. Topped off with a Mr. Whippy, naturally.

Mr Whippy

London Skyline

It started to get a little breezy so we stopped at Look Mum No Hands! For a cuppa T.

Look Mum No Hands


We all had cups of tea to warm our mitts, Ellen brought what may have been the BEST gluten free chocolate cake ever evvveeeer (so moist). We chuckled and bobbed around to reggae late into the afternoon. aaaaah.

Such a beautiful sunday in the city. How was your weekend?!