Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Ice Cream Bowls

Chocolate Bowls

It is week… 4 of the blogger bake off?! Time is passing by SO quickly! 

This week for the British Bake off is deserts. I am not usually a desert gal but I thought I would give something a shot that I have wanted to try for AGES, that something being chocolate bowls. Not bowls with chocolate in (never say no to that),  bowls MADE out of dark chocolate, scattered with freeze dried raspberries and filled with banana ice cream. Yeeaaaah that’s what I’m talkin’ bout.

It seems complicated but is actually rather easy, and satisfying.

This is what ya need for 4 bowls:

2 x 200g dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Freeze dried raspberries


4 balloons


5 bananas, peeled and frozen…


A few spoonfuls of raspberry jam

Raspberry Jam

First things first (I’m the realist HA)  get your bain marie or small pan of simmering water on top of a big pan, chuck in your chocolate and melt, stir it about with a wooden until lovely and molten.


Blow up your balloons to the size you want your bowls, I did mine pretty diddle.


Once the chocolate is melted and cooled slightly, splurge the bases of the bowls onto a piece of baking parchment.


Dunk the balloons into the melted choc to the height you want, swirl them around to cover evenly and splodge them onto the bases.

Chocolate bowls

Sprinkle with raspberries…

chocolate bowls

Pop into the fridge to solidify (a few of hours will do it)

Chocolate bowls

Make your nana ice cream, have a boogie.

Blend up the frozen bananas with a spoonful of raspberry jam… Mmhmmm…

Banana ice cream

Once the bowls are solid and your ice cream is waiting, grab a pin and pop the balloon! (My favourite bit)

chocolate bowls

Press your your fingers at the bottom of the bowl and gently peel away the balloon.

Once you have your chocolate bowl, stand back and admire your masterpiece then plop in your ice cream.

chocolate bowls with ice cream

Spoon in a little more jam, sprinkle with raspberry pieces and there ya have it! Edible bowls full of nana goodness.

Chocolate bowls

DIY chocolate bowls

Chocolate bowls

chocolate bowl


chocolate bowl

Scoop up the ice cream, then smash the chocolate and enjoy! The ultimate crowd pleaser if I do say so myself.

Give me a link to your blogger bake off deserts below! I don’t want to miss any creations!