And That’s The End of That Chapter


Having a blog is a beautiful thing. As well as sharing experiences, tips, recipes and all that jaaazz with a bunch of lovely readers across the world, it is also a way to look back on memories and chapters of your life – not just in the form of a rushed Instagram snap here and there but a little snippet and story behind each period of your various musings. I could sit ere and scroll all the way back to my 1st year of university on my archives, now I’m a graduate! Absolute medness. 

It is crazy to have such a large chunk of your life documented on a little plot of internet, I really hope you enjoy reading the little bits and bobs of life and various antics that I post up on here, I am so glad I started this blog at 18 and actually followed it through.

For that reason this post sounds like a bit of a diary entry as I want to remember these chapters for when I’m all old and chatting to my grandchildren (ok, I am thinking waaaay ahead here) about the time I lived in a little terraced house in east London with 5 girls. It was small, there was no light in the bathroom, we had occasional visits from mice, there was hair EVERYWHERE.

Elbury Drive

We would make fajitas, order hauggeee ASDA shops (excitement equivalent to Christmas morning when it got delivered), bake many cakes, eat TONS of £1 bags of chocolate buttons from the Tesco Express round the corner and drink gallons of tea in our conservatory adorned in bunting, fairy lights and shisha pipes whilst tapping away at essays, dissertations and blogs.








We would be each others shrink (yes, I’ve had one of them read me the Rules of Life book whilst I lay eyes closed on the sofa) be each others support system, advisors, accomplices, sue chefs, mothers, best buds, you get the gist. We would stay up until 4am discussing space, boys and life, roll home in bleary morning light after staying out boogieing all night, sleep on each others shoulders on our 45 stop night bus home, purchase around 3450 tea light candles, complain about the messy kitchen but laugh A LOT, dance like crazy ladies, sing out of tune at the top of our voice and get a few noise complaints along the way – That could be to do with us blasting this for FAR longer than socially acceptable…










12 months has passed in a flash and it is time to say goodbye to two of the lovely ladies as they leave London to set off on new adventures.

As a little send off, we got all the clan together (rare), ordered a shed load of Thai take out, popped champagne and danced till the AM.




Plus a few photos outside the gaff, of course.



And lots of dancing (this happens most evenings)




Thank you ladies for such a bloomin’ amazing year. I love you all to pieces and I can’t wait to have more memories with you lovely chumps.