Gluten Free G&T Cake

Gluten Free G&T cake

When I started this blog, baking was either an attempt to redeem myself for being late or a little treat that brought smiles to media folk, helping me wedge my foot wider into the industry.  Y’know, cupcakes, banana loafs, brownies – the norm. As I moved further into the big ole world of blogging, I started to discover a whole new side to baking that I would have never imagined in my wildest culinary dreams.

These days I pop potatoes, avocados and dates into my baking (tastes better than it sounds, I promise). Well, ladies and gents – I have reached the next level of madness by chugging half a litre of gin into the mix. G&T is my favourite alcoholic bevy of choice and a few weeks ago ma mate introduced me to the Pudding Lane Blog where I discovered the lovechild of two of ma favourite things. G&T and cake. It HAD to be done, a gluten free version of course – no one deserves to miss out on this…

Gin and Tonic cake


The original recipe uses regular self raising flour, however in order to make it gluten free yet still nice ‘n’ moist I used half ground almonds and half gluten free self raising flour. It’s always a little bit hit and miss with GF recipes – but I reckon I nailed this one, here’s what ya need:

Cake – 

weigh 4 eggs in their shells –  they should end up weighing around 260 grams! weigh the rest of the ingredients with the same measurements. Easy peasy lemon squeeezay.

unsalted butter – room temp.
caster suger
ground almonds (half)
GF self raising flour (half)
4 eggs
6 shots of gin
2 lemons
Icing – 
Icing sugar
1 lemon
a few shots of gin
Pre-heat the oven to about 180°C
Fist of all, weight the eggs in their shells, note it down then continute the same for the butter, sugar and flour.
1. cream the butter and sugar until light in colour and fluffy.
2. whisk up the eggs then gradually add to the mixture whilst still beating.
3.  Mix in the ground almonds and sift in the flour until nice and combined.
4. add the zest of 2 lemons and juice of 1!
5. finally, add in your gin! I used about 6 shots of the stuff.
6. butter and flour your loaf tin then pour in your mixture – wack in the oven for around 50 minutes.

Av’ a gin and tonic.

Start checking your cake at around 50 minutes – I found that mine took a liiiitle longer than the recommended time to bake through completely, this may be due to the almonds – be patient and check around every 10 minutes to make sure the cake is bouncy and golden on top and the skewer comes out clean. poke little holes right through to the bottom of the cake before you pour over the icing, this will get the sweet gin and lemon icing sinking deep into the cake, LAVELY.

Originally I took mine out on 50 minutes, poured on the icing let it cool and then tried to turn it out of the tin. The top of the cake flopped onto my hand exposing the unbaked cake beneath – It was one of those horrid baking despair moments where there is nothing else to do but go ooooooooh aaaah my gaaaaad, try to briefly rectify the situation, failing then eating the cake. So, patience is a virtue my friend.. always wait until the cake is completely cool, cold even before you attempt to remove it from the tin. Thankfully I carefully sliced of the top and re-iced the beast and waiting until the morning to prize it from the tin. Phew.

So. Here you have it, the gluten free gin and tonic cake – it ain’t much of a looker but tastes bloomin’ marvellous.

slice of cake

It was chomped down by the May clan whilst ooooh’s aaaah’s and satisfied smiles filled the room. My granny asked for the recipe, it MUST be good.

What are your views on the cake and alcohol combo? Mojito cake next? OOooo.

Happy Monday folks!