Cakes, Lakes and Prosecco


Since living with a bunch of gals all turning 21 this year, we have formed a sort of tradition. Each birthday we rustle around the night before (I’m talkin’ 4AM) baking cakes, nip to the shops to stock up on fruit, pastries, chocolate, prosecco and other bits and bobs to create a mahoosive sleepy buuuuurfdai breakfast banquet. 





After chowing down our weight in breakfast, we slipped into dresses and headed out into the sunshine for a little birthday adventure raaand London town.



First of all we took the lovely birthday lady to Hyde Park…


I’ve never really explored Hyde Park before, I have only ever ventured there for a brief boris bike sesh or Winter Wonderland (which is a different kettle of fish completely!) Only today did I realise how amazing the place is, this tree was a definite highlight of ours…




London is one of the most incredible places to explore in the sunshine. One moment you’re all up in the hustle and bustle of Oxford street and the next you’re strollin’ around flower gardens and hopping on a pedalo – which is exactly what we did! Hiring a pedalo is 10 squid for half an hour which is a liiitle steep but you know what, its not erry day we impossibly blue skies and warmth all in one (yolo) hehehe.



Course, it ain’t in proper birthday style without smuggling a bottle of prosecco onboard and poppin’ the bubbly stuff into red cups, suave ladies right there.


There’s something about pedalos that bring me back 10 years, you will still get chased by multiple pedalos full of boys or worry that you may have a moment of madness and jump over board with all your clothes on (I resisted, just about).



After our childish ventures in the park, we returned to our 21 year old selves (classy birds really) and headed up to Piccolino for lunch.


Piccolino is the perfect spot tucked into a little side street in Mayfair – crisp white linen, gorgeous grub with a price that won’t break da bank. So Sex in the City daaahling.




After a few hours traipsing around the shops in central London trying on dresses and sippin’ bubble tea (my most recent obsession) we headed back home to get ready for the evening. One of the best things about summertime is being out and about as the suns going down and not having to brace yourself for icy winds. Aaaah. Keep up the top work England!


We gobbled a load of Thai food then returned home for more cake (what birthdays are all about, right?)


I am usually the official birthday cake baker (if ya hadn’t gathered that already) and I wanted to push the boat out a little. I have spotted the amazing looking rainbow cake all over the shop for yeaaars and have always wanted to try it out, this was my first attempt and I felt it went down pretty well, so I thought I’d do a quick lil tutorial for y’all. Here’s a preview of the finished bake…


Looks all a bit fiddly and complicated right? Truuuust me it isn’t at all, all ya need is patience and a hella lotta food colouring. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my little step by step rainbow process…

No.1 – Make your mixture (plain sponge) you will need A LOT of this depending on how many layers you fancy. Divide equally into 5 bowls.

No.2 – Add in your colouring, the stronger the better – you will probably need to squeeze in the whole bottle.

No.3 – Bake each cake layer for around 15-20 minutes – I only had one cake tin so it took aaages. They will probably come out pretty flat, but don’t worry- they are all stacked up on each other anyway!

No.4 – Make up your filling and frosting, I made cream cheese frosting, but you could make butter cream, chocolate ganache – the possibilities are endless!

No.5 – Leave your cakes to cool completely before stacking em’ and covering the lot with frosting. I know it’s hard to resist but you don’t want your cakes sliding all over the place. I left mine overnight to cool completely before slapping on about a ton of frosting.

voila, piece of cake really!


What a lavely way to spend the day indulging in the finer things with all your home gals, mwaaah! Happy Birthday Josette!