Brixton Brunching


I always love catching up with Fifi. She is one of my oldest and best pals that I have known since we were young, crazy and running around the woods on the Isle of Wight, following our mummas up to London and munching on pure sugar cane down brick lane. Y’now, normal stuff. 

Fast forward 10 years and we are both all grown up living up ere’ in London (how did THAT happen) she has her fingers in many pies having travelled the world modelling, whilst updating us on all of her various musings on her blog and dipping her tootsies into journalism – check out her article over on Hunger Magazine. Both being so busy all the time, we hardly get to catch up so when we do, we gotta go IIIINNN.  By IIIINNN I mean lots of tea and cake.

Recently I have been trying to steer away from the normal high street chains, rather than ducking into Costa for a cuppa T, I’ve been exploring more independent cafes. They are usually cheaper, taste better and are much more interesting. Brixton is one of those places that I just pass through every now and then only seeing this:


And smelling this:


Only have I recently discovered the absolute gem that is Brixton Village.  Formerly a 1930’s arcade now a maze FULL of amazing independent restaurants, cafes and shops. I could get lost in it for hours, everything looks and smells incredible. The perfect place to pop out for dinner ‘n’ dranks on a saturday night or for brunch and a wander on a Sunday.

With grumbling tummies, we gobbled down our fry ups within seconds of the plates hitting the table – photographing food takes time and patience, on this occasion our hunger and much needed chinwagging threw blogging out the window. Washed down with a large glass of Pimms we continued our adventure around the village.

With the amount of lovely lookin’ cafes surrounding ourself it would be rude not to stop for cake and tea, right?



Any platter of cakes peeking at my from the window is enough to bring my inside. And maybe a pot of Nutella big enough to stick mi whole arm in.


Cakes in Brixton Village

GF chocolate cake. OH HAIII. Moist cake is the best cake.

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

And a few mugs of tea.

Mug of Tea

The beautiful, smiley Sophie… And a visitor.


We are never ones to leave cake on the plate, seeing left over cake on a plate gives me a pang of sadness deep within my soul.


What a beautiful way to spend a Sunday mornin’ mugs of tea, cake and a best m8. Lemme know if you haven been to Brixton Village and what your top spots are, I need to return ASAP.

Hope you’re monday is delightful (wishful thinking)