Sky High Brunching

Duck and Waffle London View

I am a big fan of breakfast (as you may tell from my Instagram) It has always, and will always be the most important meal of the day, I genuinely get excited for my bowl of porridge or pancakes in the morning as I drift off to sleep at night… Only me? oooh ok. 

My housemates caught on to my breakfast appreciation and decided to take me out for a surprise brunch to finish off my (now belated) birthday celebrations on a high.

High… Geddit?!

This could only mean one thing, DUCK & WAFFLE. I have been pining over this dreamy restaurant up in the clouds since it opened in 2012. Through a bunch of blogs I have had perhaps too many previews of the incredible views and food (Cronuts on a sunday FYI)

We zoomed up 39 floors in a glass elevator on the side of Heron tower and emerged into the most beautiful, jewell adorned sanctuary overlooking the city. There atmosphere was calm, glamorous types perched on stall flicking through the morning paper and sipping on a coffee, beats the Starbucks morning rush I guess…

duck and waffle



I fell in love with the azure hued Portuguese tiles.


Anyway, enough waffling on about the interior. We slipped out of our coats and into our seats. (I was adamant for a spot by the window)


Feeling rather elegant in our surroundings, we ordered a round of coffees. Mmmmm mocha.


Gaze at the view a little more.


After much deliberation over the menu (I could have ordered the whole lot) I went for the Duck & Waffle. I mean c’mowwwn it had to be done.


Look at that beautiful breakfast specimen. Waffle topped with crispy leg confit, fried duck egg and a jug of mustard maple syrup to glug over the top. Ok, this definitely beats my usual bowl of microwaved porridge.


A little pang of food envy of the ox cheek Benedict sat opposite me.


After polishing off every last smidgen of my breakfast, I was surprised with this little platter of birthday goodness.


N’aaaawh. A little pudding after breakfast is a top idea if you ask me.

After a little while milling around and appreciating the birds eye view of ole blighty, we hopped in back in the lift and returned to the little ants scurrying around on ground level. Hold on to yo’ stomachs!


A beautiful start to the day. Definitely an ideal place for special occasions, or perhaps if you’re feeling a bit snazzy and feel like popping to the 39th floor for a coffee I mean, why on earth not?