Kew Gardens


The weather has been bloody GLORIOUS in London recently. Blue skies, smiles, shorts and ice cream always makes the city a better place. On days like these, I tend to venture to Hyde park, Primrose hill or another green spot to soak up the sun, but with thanks to the lovely folk at Simply Health, we pushed the boat out a little and I took ma G’rents on a trip to Kew Gardens.

Simply Health have launched a healthy ageing campaign, promoting the fact that no matter what your age is, it is never too late to make healthy changes to your lifestyle. Getting out and about and staying active can make all the difference in remaining all happy ‘n’ healthy. ‘Exercise’ doesn’t mean crazy runs and gym madness, it simply means anything that gets you out the house and active, I couldn’t imagine a better place to do just that!


Of course, we couldn’t embark on our adventure without a quick cuppa T.


Note: Cute individual milk pots.


Kew Gardens is the biggest botanical gardens in the whole wide world, wawawiwa.  You could stroll around the 121 hectares of garden for hours on end… I say ‘stroll’ as that is what is requested, it’s impossible to pace around this place. That’s the beauty of it, take your time, get a little lost and return to your inner explorer. I mean, there are five million bulbs to have a ganders at, thats bloomin’ impressive if you ask me.


First up was the Palm House, a huge glasshouse full of exotic palms from floor to ceiling. First built to house exotic plants back in 1844 – corrrr! So much tropical goodness in one place. Me and my gramps climbed up the spiral staircase to get a better view.



We nipped around little pathway led around the top. Looooook… The tallest palm tree in the world!


It was about as hot as the surface of the sun so we didn’t hang about, spot the Grandma amongst the greenery…


Outside the Palm House is a huge lake with all the wildlife just chillin’ in their habitats, look at this fella…


Peacock making her way through the crowds, swag I will never have.


One of my favourite places was the Water Lilly shed, still and so beautiful.


We then headed into the Rose Garden, the incredible smell of all the flowers brought you closer, my Grandma was in her element. It is compulsory to take a whiff of all roses.



There is something I love so much about long stretches of green where you can’t quite see the end. I’m not sure if its childhood nostalgia of everything seeming so vast, or that I just miss the rolling fields of the Isle of Wight. Can you believe this place is in London?!


Grandpa took the role of schooling me on all the trees and plants ( he’s coming for ya Attenborough)


The G’rents.


We had a spot of lunch and an ice cream (obviously) then wondered down to see the Pagoda and the Japanese landscape.





After some more wondering and basking in the sunshine, we headed back for a BBQ – would be rude not to on a day like this, right? I could end up having one erry’ day if the weather keeps up the good work.




The perfect end to a beautiful day wandering in the sunsheeeine.

I realise the best days are the ones spent out and about going on mini adventures… It doesn’t matter what age you are, keeping active does wonders for your health physically and mentally. Also, I HIGHLY recommend Kew Gardens, I never knew I was a botanical sort of gal but it was incredible. I shall definitely be returning.