End of an Era


FREEEEDOM! We finally meet again! How are you? What have I missed?!

The last few weeks have been bloomin’ mad. After many all nighters, 28347 cups of coffee, 10 family size bags of chocolate buttons, blood, sweat and tears… I finally DID IT.


How 12,000 words came out of my fingertips, I’ll never know.

17 years of education is now over SAY WHAA?! I’m feeling relieved, sad, excited, nervous, confused all in one big ole emotional jumble.

It’s time for a new chapter of ma lyf, new adventures, people, places and experiences. The future can be a leeeeetle bit scary (dayum scary) but you just gotta go with the flow, say yes and seize all those opportunities that come at ya.

Have a laaavley Saturday wherever you are! BBQ and Pimms? Holla!