Healthy Chocolate & Raspberry Cookies


I enjoy a good cookie. They are cheap, simple and you can whip em’ up in minutes – best of all these bad bwoiiis are gluten, dairy and sugar free so you can gobble them down with ease (It’s definitely ok to eat the entire plate).

The original cookies involved only oats, banana and an egg. I wanted to push the boat out a bit. Dissertation procrastination and despair has led me to become extremely adventurous in my snack making. If you need a plate of inspiration in the form of a chocolatey, soft, warm cookie to get you and a bunch of hungry lookin’ housemates through stacks of uni work – these are definitely the one.

Dates have been pretty key in my baking recently, packed with loads of vitamins, they create a lovely gooey texture and they are packed with natural sugars so I chucked some in the mix. I also had some raspberries knocking around in the freezer so I blitzed them up too.

Here’s what you need:

7 dates (soaked for about 30 mins before if poss)

1 cup oats

1 nana

2 egg whites

1 heaped tbsp cocoa powder

a handful of frozen raspberries

1tsp baking powder

How ya do it:

Pre heat your oven to around 180C

1. Start off by blending those dates until they form a thick lookin’ paste.

2. Add in the raspberries. BLITZ

3. Chuck in all other ingredients until you have a thick batter, finally spoon in the baking powder for a final miiix.

4. Get yourself a baking tray and give it a coat of coconut oil.

5. Blob on your mixture, you should end up with around 6 big cookies.

6. Shove em in the oven for around 10-15 minutes.

Pile onto a plate, boil the kettle, add a few more raspberries and voiilllaaa.



Now, get daaaan to that essay – it won’t write itself! (I’m bad at taking my own advice)

Any other recipes I need to try? Holla at me!