Immy May

The time has come. I’M 21 YO! I’ve spent the past year revelling in the limbo between teen and adult and now my yout is officially over and I am ready to be all grown up (almost). 

Birthdays are weird ones. I LOVE planning other peoples but I tend to get all shy and awkward towards my own, especially bigguns like this! I was strictly told not plan anything as my friends n’ fam had took it upon themselves to line up a series of surprises that unravelled over the next few days, the lovely bunch.

I woke up blurry eyed and peckish (the smell of baking never fails to get me out of bed) popped on my slippers and nipped down to the kitchen where the Aladdin soundtrack was playing from the speakers (I’m a big fan) and this was awaiting me. Lemon drizzle cake with homemade chai tea, my housemates are propaaa babes.

Birthday Cake

After gobbling the cake in a single mouthful and glugging down my tea, I pulled on some jazzy trousers from Zara and headed out into the sunshine for a day of mystery with the May clan.


tree blossom

Kicking off with a few bottles of champagne (novelty 21 glass compulsory)

21 Champagne

And more cake. My mummas first attempt at a gluten free baking, naaat bad!



After a few mugs of tea and some present opening it was time to leave on our adventure.


This balloon was attached to my hip ALL DAY. Due to this humiliating accessory I received an abundance of awkward ‘happy birthday’ mutters and smiles from many confused looking Londoners as I shuffled onto the tube.


I was on a journey to anywhere. As we hopped on and off the tube things started to click. Piccadilly line. Leicester Square. My Mum edged towards me with her phone and I heard the words Hakuna Matata WE WERE GOING TO THE LION KING!

As we arrived at the theatre more and more of my family started to arrive. After lots of flustered hugs, kisses and happy birthdays we shimmied into the theatre and took our seats.

The Lion King

Photography wasn’t allowed but the show was absolutely beautiful. An unbelievable amount of talent, I was grooving, chuckling and weeping all in one… I may have shed a tear at these fellows.


My mind was blown. After the show we meandered through Covent Garden to Souk Medina, being surrounded by family and good food, I forgot to whip my camera out and get any snaps. Just picture Aladdins cave with the gold replaced by the most incredible lamb, vine leaves, falafel, hummus and pitta. After dancing with my dad to the strangest rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ ever, blowing out a few candles and saying goodbyes to my family, I headed back to the gaff (balloon still attached to the hip). I arrived to this…


And another surprise for next month. OOOOOH!



We popped champagne, experimented with cocktails, and ate MORE cake late into the night and I drifted into a content and extremely tipsy snooze. I woke up the next morning to flowers on the doorstep and cake for breakfast (all mornings should be like this).



Chocolate and orange and marshmallow frosting.  I need to find a way of reaching through the screen and passing you a slice of cake and a mug of tea, technology will catch up soon I’m sure.

The next day was spent polishing off various bakes, walking Bear and playing around with a few presents, including a new vlogging camera (you may see my mug on Youtube soon, feel free to subscribe) hehehe. This is one of my favourite gifts from daddy cool, a ring made from a teaspoon. HOW KEWL IS THAT?

Quay Arts Jewellery

I believe it is from Quay Arts on the Isle of Wight.

More birthday antics to follow tomorrow…

Current cake count: 3