I like my Pilates HOT


When I was 16 I was diagnosed with Scoliosis, a bladdy annoying condition where my spine decided to make a swift curve to the right, it’s uncomfortable and a liiitle bit painful pretty much all of the time. Developing it was probably down to my straight up refusal to wear a backpack at school and trying to look super fashionista with a shoulder bag. I know, ridonkulous… Or the crazy shapes I tend to throw on the D floor. Either way, it pissed my spine off a fair bit.

Anyway, the more I get movin’, the less pain I’m in. The body is an amazing thing, it’s not usually necessary to grab a bunch of painkillers when you’re feeling some pain. With the right mindset you can heal most things all by yo’self.


It’saaaall about strengthening those muscles and moving about to help yourself as much as possible. I run 4 times a week and try to squeeze in a couple of youtube strengthening workouts in my bedroom, so glamorous. Pilates is one of the best to strengthen and tone throughout the body, aligning your body and does wonders for your ole spine.

Last week the lovely bunch at Simplyhealth got in touch and asked if I fancied going to a HOT Pilates class as they are teaming up with the Backcare charity. Wawawiwa. Bikram yoga, hot pilates… Why are things better above 40°C?  Ere’s a couple of reasons:

1. Getting a little bit more… Moist (sorry) whilst exercising  gives your body a chance to release all those nasty toxins hanging about, making space for more hydration and vital nutrients.

2. Stretching and strengthening your muscles in heat deepens the stretch, increasing your flexibility and energy as well as building more muscle – increasing calorie burn which is always a positive.

3. Working yo’ body in high temperatures also increases immunity. Viruses love heat so raising you’re core temperature fights em off, pushing them out and producing more white blood cells to fight any future infection.


I headed out into the sunshine to Yotopia studios in Covent Garden. It was one of those early but warm blue skied spring days where you are close to go bare legged but not quite close enough. Everything seems much nicer when London is flooded with sunlight, it makes such a difference when more Londoners are smiling.




Walking into the room felt like that lovely moment when you step off the plane into a hot country, washed in the heat you haven’t felt for too long. You think, aaah it’s not too bad. Then you start moving and realise oh. this is going to be a rather sweaty affair. Amy, an osteopath and Pilates instructor was brilliant, guiding us through movements that worked muscles I didn’t even realise were there, making us all chuckle at the same time. 

We finished the class red faced but energised, guzzling water and exchanging blog addresses. The Backcare charity have recently launched a new app to help those with back problems out with exercises and videos to help and prevent back pain – so if you suffer with problems it is worth while giving it a download. Alsooo – if you fancy learning a little bit more about hot pilates, check this out. 

 Check out Yotopia if you fancy giving it a go, the price isn’t too bad for somewhere so lovely! erryone loves to sweat a little more, right?