DIY Nutella

Homemade Nutella

I have never met anyone who does’t love Nutella. EVER.

The jar of dreams that sexes up just about anything. Smother it on toast, slap it in a pancake, swirl it into ice cream. Or… Spoon it into your mouth cos’ you know, that’s what Nutella’s reeeeally for.

DIY Nutella

My DIY peanut butter went down a treat, so I thought I’d step up the game and attempt to create my all time fav. There’s something deeply satisfying about creating things from scratch (even if I was up at 7AM peeling skins off hazelnuts) you have some more control over what goes in and usually it taste eeeeven better than the shop brought stuff.

I’m all over healthy eating but I ain’t going to cease my chocolate addiction any time soon. By doing it yourself, you are avoiding preservatives, extra oil and all that malarky with makes it much kinder to yo’ body. So, if you have a free afternoon over the weekend, give it a go innit!

Here’s what you will need.

150g bag of hazelnuts (get blanched if you can)

200g of chocolate, dark or milk – what ever floats ya boat!

1 cup icing sugar – I am working on finding a healthier alternative!

1/2 cup cocoa powder

A tablespoon or two of coconut oil

a jar or tub to pour it in to!

How you do it. 

1. Pop your hazelnuts into a large frying pan and roast until brown in colour – keep a close eye!

2. If they have skin on em’, transfer to a tub and shake it (shake it like a polaroid picture) and most of the skins will naturally fall off. Some may need a liiil bit of encouragement.

3. pour them into your food processor. BLITZ! Scrape down the sides regularly. Leave it blitzing until they form a very smooth and buttery paste. It takes ages.  Have a little dance.

Sorry, had to be done.

4. Melt your chocolate in a bain marie – or a little pan of simmering water and a big pan on top with your chocolate, student styyyle.

5. Chuck your icing sugar and cocoa powder into the mix. blitz.

6. pour in your melted chocolate and tuuurrrn it up so it forms a smooth, chocolately consistency – with a spoon of coconut oil here and there.

7. spoon into your jar and refrigerate for about an hour.

DIY Nutella

DIY Nutella

DIY Nutella

The spread of ALL spreads. Just in time for pancake day.

I’m excited.