Back on the Island


For the past week I have been back ‘ome on THE Island. In the blooming’ craziness of dissertations, surprise visits from mice (weeeeeuuuugh) and general student struggles, I decided to make a quick hop, skip and a jump back to ma little diamond shaped hometown for a bit of rehab in the form of tea and cake, runs along the beach and many chuckles. Thought I may as well take ya along with me through the eyes of Instagram…

Home is’aaaall about spending time with folks you haven’t seen for far too long. Much needed playtime with my lovely Godson, pep talks with my Grandpa and baking for my Grandma, I couldn’t visit without making a cake! Gluten and dairy free chocolate cake, absolutely DE-lish.


One of the other reasons I headed home is because of THIS GAL.


Almost a year ago, we held a big ole shindig for one of my best pals before she left to travel Australia for a year. 365 days of Australian madness has passed and she’s back yo! How time flies. We chowed down a sizeable full english and many pots of tea whilst she made us all green with envy with her tales of Tasmanian road trips, pool parties, youth hostel antics and endless days on the beach, IN DECEMBER?! I need to get myself to Oz.

In between laaavley chinwags with all my chums, I couldn’t leave my dissertation to write itself. SO GLOOMY.


You just gotta do what you gotta do homie.



The biggest comfort on the Island is the sea. My childhood was spent down at the beach hut making sandcastles, grazing knees and eating more Mr. Whippy’s than you could shake a stick at. You are never more that about 15 minutes from the seaside and at this time of year you are usually the only one on it.


Only in the May household will you find a cake of this nature sitting on the kitchen table. We hosted a baby shower, top biological cake effort right there.


The best mornings are when you open your eyes hazily to a room flooded with sunlight, blue sky gently peeping from behind the curtains and no instant rush to hop out of bed, gobble down porridge and fly out the door. The blissful freedom to bask for little while, wrapped in comfort and washed in sunshine.


I eventually pulled myself out of bed and pad downstairs to pop the kettle, cause ya know, it’s impossible to start the day without a good cuppa T.


Send a couple of texts, chuck on a big ole jumper and head out into the sun.


Nothin’ like ginger beer by the sea.

After a day on the beach, it was time for the infamous Saturday night daaan Ryde.


Cavapong, stay classy.


After a fragile sunday snuggled in blankets on the sofa and attempting a bit of work (it’s the effort that counts, right?) the time has come to pack my bags, gobble enough nutrients to last me the month and return to the smoke.


Not without one last stroll along the beach.


Until next time…