Healthy Caramel Bites

Healthy Caramel Balls

Sweetness and comfort food doesn’t need to be in the form of those £1 offer bags of Malteasers winking at you in Tesco, getting jazzy with fruit and natural sweetness can go a long way. Dates, even though they look like dry beetles can do wonders in nakd bar, or in this case CARAMEL. believe it or not. 

Everyone loves a nice bite size ball of goodness that take no effort, taste amazing and are kind to your healthy, clean diet intentions. Small mouthfulls of loveliness are great to get you through grey days, essays, all that January malarky. I‘m giving myself 48 hours of freedom between one assignment and the other so I thought I would share this caramel nugget of goodness with yaaaal from my new book by the lovely Jenna Zoe.

Here’s what you will need:

200g/1 Cup of dates (PITTED)

1 big ole tablespoon of peanut butter… And another for yo’ mouth. (We all do it)

1 tablespoon of coconut oil.

Pinch of salt for good measure.

A bar of dark Chocolate y’know that 75% and above stuff.

1. First things first, get your dates pop em in a bowl, fill with room temperature water and leave them for an hour or so. This will help with that carmel texture and soften them up a little.

2. Rinse them through and bung in a food processor to give em a blitz.

3. Drop in the remaining ingredients and keep on blitzing in it makes a dreamy lookin’ caramel mixture. get a spatular and make sure its all nice n combined.

4. The consistency may not be right to roll em into balls at this time (definitely ok for a cheeky spoonful though) So pour into a bowl and leave overnight.

5. Roll into ball with your hands, pop em on a plate and leave in the freezer to get hard for a coupla hours.

6. Melt your chocolate – Bail marie or in the microwave – keep an eye so it doesn’t burn, no one likes burnt chocolate unless you’re 12 and at a sleepover.

7. Dip the balls in the chocolate using a teaspoon to coat them evenly, then back onto the plate. freeze for a further couple of hours. Patience it the greatest virtue.

Note: If you wanna step it up to the next level of healthy (in NO WAY trying to promote no chocolate) however, I made them again and the rain put me off nipping to the shop for a bar. I did  have natural cocoa powder in the cupboard, so to get the chocolatey kick without the shell I added half a tablespoon of it into the mix. Mmmhm.

Healthy Caramel Balls

Healthy Caramel Balls

The dreamiest little nibbles to keep a little stash of in your fridge when you’re in need of a mouthful of energy. 

Have a lovely week, let me know if you try out the balls! We love that good stuff.


PS: Sorry about my inconsistency over the last couple of months, the 3rd year of university has made me into a housebound hobbit. I will be back in full swing by MAY 14TH. With added Youtube. hehehe