Tis’ 7 days till CHRISTMAS EVE! Taking a little break and popping those looming assignments in the backseat is alright every once in a while; especially when you could be frolicking among 1000’s of Santa Claus in the centre of London, getting lost in the magic of Winter Wonderland and consuming multiple roast dinners.

On Saturday morning, me and some chums digged out our Santa glad rags, consumed numerous plates of brunch, popped prosecco and headed out into Santacon. A day to let your hair down, put your hat on and celebrate the festive season with a bunch of others all in the same getup. Central London was covered blanket of red and white merry folk galavanting around the streets spreading Christmas cheer to many confused shoppers!



…You know it’s almost Christmas when there’s multiple sprout appearances on the tube.


After a day and night of santa fuelled antics, it was time for honorary Christmas day with the laydeees. We decided that before everyone returned to their humble abodes for a couple of weeks, fake Christmas with secret santa, many a glass of baileys and roast dinner with all the trimmings was definitely on the agenda.

You can’t complete a christmas shop without polishing off a box of Ferrero Rocher before reaching the checkout, right?


Start the evenin’ off with an icy glass of biscotti baileys.




The entire motown christmas hits album and a bottle of mulled wine later, dinner was served…


quoooorrrr blimey. I think we did alright (seeing as we have no kitchen light!) I was pretty defeated.


But yano, the pudding tube was still empty! We continued to chow down homemade apple crumble, custard and chocolates late into the night.

What a lavely honorary Christmas!



Times like these make me think about how I will look back on my time being a yout, living in a house in London with 6 pals. It’s so important to throw yourself into the present ‘n’ soak up all the good times as they come your way!

Happy Merrymaking yo!