Kahalia Cafe (GF)


We still have no internet. I have found myself lurking for longer than necessary in Starbucks guzzling luke warm lattes feeling a bit miffed (good word) at the whole situation. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve had enough of Starbucks, wifi is all over the shop.

Having to leave the house in order to get through your mountain of emails and update the social netowrks ain’t all that bad when you have a little adventure along the way.

Shoreditch is one of my favourite corners of London. The Buildings, streets and people are covered in colour and art – there is always something to appreciate and explore. Being such a popular area, the vintage shops are pretty overpriced (although, do check out this place). On a Sunday, Bricklane is lined with a huge market, street food and other lavely bits and bobs – so definitely head down when you have a spare afternoon.

Me and the ladies lugged our laptops down to Bricklane in search of a Cafe to feed us tea ‘n’ cake as well as a wifi connection. Before long we stumbled across this gem.


Being gluten free is an absolute pain in the bum when popping out for a slab of cake or anything involving pastry, GRIM. I am always keeping an eye out for places offering some GF goods.


Look at that big ole slab of gooooey, moist, rich but light at at the same time chocolate banana loaf. And to make things eeeeven better…


IT’S GLUTEN FREE YO! Kahalia have a board of GF goods, brownies, flapjacks and cakes. Despite ordering in their cakes from a local bakery (slightly disappointing) This slice of happiness along with a cup o char went down a treat.

Kahaila is also a charity, so profits goes towards supporting local projects and all sorts of other good stuff. Nice one.

I promise not to leave you again for too long, cake and tea on me!