Gluten & Dairy Free Chocolate Cake


It’s 21st birthday season. I have another 6 months to wait, however, the PARTaaaY HAS STARTED! The general mood is a hazy mix of temptations to hop on a plane to Vegas, have a mini crisis about becoming an actual¬†grownup, Glens (Smirnoff if you’re feeling classy) and cake. Lots of cake.¬†

Baking for people with allergies and creating something which is edible AND scrummy sounds pretty impossible, right? WRONG. With a little research and a flustered run to Tescos in the drizzle, I miraculously whipped up the gooooiest, rich, light and bloomin’ moorish chocolate cake. Wawawiwa.

Pop on your apron, LETS BAKE.

Here’s what ya need:

5 free range eggs.

200 grams Vitalite (does this remind anyone of their childhood?)

200 grams sugar.

200 grams dark chocolate.

200 grams ground almonds.

Strawberries, raspberries and a sprinkle of icing sugar, optional.. But yano – you only turn 21 once.

Easy as pie yo.

Pre heat your oven to 175-180 and get stuck in.

First up, melt together your dark chocolate and butter using a bain marie type arrangement. when nice n smooth, add in your ground almonds then pop on the side to coool.

Now for the nitty gritty. Crack n separate 4 eggs. Pop whites in a mixing bowl for later and add the yolks and the remaining egg into the sugar. Mix it all up till combined and add to the chocolate mixture.

Pop some music on and get whisking those egg whites until they’re all stiff n that. gently fold into the mixxxx.

spoon into a preferably non stick spring form baking tin for around 45 minutes.

Have a little boogie and chop up some strawberries.

After about 30-40 minutes, have a ganders and see if it’s almost ready. If so, take it out and leave to cool for 10. Pile on some decorative bits and bobs and dig in!





Look at that warm, chocolatey, dreamy cave. You may or may not devour it in one sitting (we did) that’s ok all good cakes should end that way. Just bake another.