Nakd Bars

Nakd Bars

I’ve never met someone who doesn’t like the sound of an indulgent, rich, gooey bar of chocolately goodness. Anything involving chocolate is enough to make me weak at the knees, especially if I find an opportunity to make it nice ‘n’ healthy so I can chow down even more.

I recently found out I am Wheat and Gluten intolerant, what a bloomin’ bugger! I realise that a big bunch of you folk also have this allergy, so my new mission is to create yummy stuff avoiding those pretty essential ingredients.

I’ve noticed these “Nakd” bars popping up all over the shop, with the words “Gluten, wheat dairy FREE” on the front. For 88p I should probably try em’ out. They were beautifully rich, satisfying and packed full of flavour. These were the ingredients:

“Dates 40%

Cashews 40%

Raisins 14%

Cocoa 5%”

Reeeeaally? It couldn’t possibly be?! I had to try it out for myself. With some added extras, naturally.

Here’s what ya need:

98g Dates – preferably pitted!

62g Cashew

34g Raisins

2 Raspberries ( I tried more the first time round and it was all a little too gooey, 2 or three is perfect!)

3 tbsp Cocoa powder


Boil the dates for a couple of minutes, then pop all ingredients in your blender and BLITZ!

After it has formed a lovely smooth, scrummy lookin’ paste, scoop it into a bowl and pop it into a fridge for about 5 minutes whilst you… Make a cup of tea.

Form about 5 to 6 medium sized bars on a baking tray, cover and leave to solidify in the fridge for a couple of hours. (overnight is good) If you can’t hold yourself back, it’s all good cause it’s nice n natural innit, nothing but love for your tummy.


Homemade Nakd Bar

These bad boys are perfect if you are attempting to ‘eat clean’ but have an uncontrollable sweet tooth. The dates and raisins provide the ¬†kick of sweetness and cashews create a slight crunch and the satisfying full feeling. Obviously cocoa sets off all those lavely endorphins that makes ya feel gooood. No funny business.¬†

The opportunities are endless, get adventurous!

Affordable, delicious and unbelievably good for you. I’m a big fan.