Hot Chocolate at Three Buoys

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I always think summer evenings should be cherished. That snipped of the year when evenings are just about warm enough to spend outside with those dreamy sunset rays washing around you, drenching everything it touches in that orange glow just before the sun dips bellow the horizon.

What makes it even better is a beach stretching for miles either side of you with Portsmouth twinkling in the distance, a big mug of hot chocolate warming your hands and a bunch of old cronies.


I love to check out new start-ups, even more so when everyone I who as experienced this new haunt can’t wait to return. It had to be somethin’ special.

Adorned in bunting, washed in blue hues with local art popped up around the place, it makes you feel all warm and cosy as soon as you walk in. Of course, the smiley staff and incredible looking food emerging from the kitchen also helps. A little annoyed that we’d already eaten, we sunk into a couple of sofas on the balcony for hot bevs.


Feeling adventurous, and with a little encouragement from the owner, we pushed the boat out and added shot of baileys into our hot choc’s for a kick. It was magic in my mouth, how had I never thought of this before!


We got through quite a few of these. And olives. Marinated in garlic and rosemary, who can say no to those bad boys?


The sun finally set and we were lit by candle light wrapped in the blankets provided just incase we got nippy, nice touch.
After chin-wagging away late into the evening, we left when we had just about finished off their supply of hot chocolate and baileys.
Check out their website here. If you find yourself on the Isle of Wight not knowing where to pop for brunch, tea ‘n’ cake, lunch, dinner or some drinks by the seaside – check Three Buoys out. Just a little meander down the coast in Ryde and you will find it.
Have you been to the Island before? You should come and visit!