Holi One, London


The festival of Holi, originally Holika is a Hindu tradition imbedded into their culture since the tellings of ancient history. At the beginning of each spring, thousands of Hindu’s get together for a 3-7 day celebration of the new season, saying goodbye to the winter and heeellooo to spring, the season of colours. For this reason – each person is armed with a bag of powdered paint to throw up into the air, pluming up into a big colourful cloud, then settling on the dancing crowds. 

Fast forward a couple of centuries and the celebrations have made their way to London. Spending the day and night drinking, dancing and throwing paint at each other sounded like my idea of fun. After donning our white glad rags, me and my homeslice Fifi headed down to Battersea Power Station in the glorious sunshine to get down with our bad selves, becoming a walking rainbow in the process.


Flashy SLR cameras have no place at this sort of party. It was strictly necessary to take it back to the old school and whip out the disposable cameras to capture the Holi antics. I also think disposable cameras are much more fun, you never quite know how they will turn out and you can’t edit them to the ends of the earth.




With cider in one hand, paint in the other we made our way into the sea of smiling, colourful people. I think this may have been the friendliest festival I have been to yet.  All sorts of people were there, it’s for absolutely anyone and everyone, that’s the beauty of it!





As the sun set behind Battersea Power Station, the sounds of Euro DJ’s carried us into the night, after our feet couldn’t carry us any more, we ended up sat in the middle of the grass, surrounded by empty paint bags and eating donuts (the way every festival should end).



If you fancy letting ya hair down (or covering it up with a shower cap) then get involved! The festivals are all up and down the country, and across Europe – check out Holi one for deets! I hugely recommend.

Were you there? How many days did it take to remove the paint from your ears?