A night at Kellermans


Secret Cinema Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing is my all time favourite film. I’ve lost count of many times I have watched it, or how many times I have swooned over Swayze and quoted the line:

“You’re wild”



I was pretty sure most of you felt the same. I was right.

Last night, Future Cinema transported me and my Mum back to Kellerman’s in the summer of 63′ for some mambo, good natured holiday camp activities and hundreds of watermelons.

We donned our 60’s gladrags, filled our suitcases and ventured through London to a secret Location (Catskills).






The Kellerman’s tannoy announcements were making the queue giddy with excitement as they juggled their suitcases, beach balls and red lipstick. We made a hop, skip and a jump into Kellerman’s, which was essentially a Dirty Dancing festival. Couldn’t imagine a better festival idea if I tried!


The field was packed with dance classes, arts and crafts, yoga, volleyball, bandstands, American food shacks and sun beds with 60’s hits flooding through the field making everyone groove as they swigged their cocktails.




We had a dinner of schnitzel, meatloaf, chips and sauerkraut in the dining room in the company of a live jazz band. Just as we polished off our bottle of wine, from outside the restaurant, we heard this echoing from the fields…

Everyone turned and looked at each other, stopped what they were doing, grabbed their belongings and ran to find their spot. It was as if a headliner came on at a festival, but instead a film we have all watched 100’s of times – it never looses its magic!

As the songs came on, the sea of flippy dresses, white shirts and denim jumped up to dance. Not only were we dancing and singing, but professional dancers also took to the stage to give us a live performance, perfectly in sync.  A – mazing.


This viewing of Dirty Dancing under the stars at Kellerman’s instead of under my duvet with a big tub of Ben & Jerry’s was probably the most special.


What happens when you pop all the Dirty Dancing fans across the land in one field?

This happens.


Cheers Future Cinema! I had the time of my life the best night!




Future Cinema are always coming up with new ideas for incredible nights out. I highly recommend! Be sure to follow em’ on Twitter and Facebook for updates!

Nobody puts baby in the corner. (Had to be done)