Sun, Sea, Cake ‘n’ Tea

Priory Bay, Isle of Wight

First things first, big apologies for not popping up a post over the past week. If you follow my twitter, you may have guessed I have been back to my hometown, the Isle of Wight. We’ve just moved house which means NO INTERNET (!) But not to worry, I still lugged my camera about and snapped all the sights for the pleasure of your irises!

After living in NYC for 2 months, hailing taxi’s, living off iced coffee, gobbling bagels and generally slotting into that crazy, high rise, bright light, sleepless night lifestyle; there comes a time when you just crave home. There’s nothing quite like returning to your hometown (which happens to be NY’s polar opposite) after such a long time away.

There is such a beautiful nostalgia about the sea breeze, small towns, strolls down the street knowing almost everyone you pass, having the beach on your doorstep and being surrounded by people who have known you for a lifetime.





My week was spent catching up with family and friends, sleeping in a teepee (holla if you still have sleepovers at 20), firing up the BBQ and soaking up the sleepy island lifestyle.

When I ask people if they have visited the IOW, most people reply either “yeaaah, I went there for a school trip when I was 12” or “I only go there for Bestival” The festivals are incredible, but if you and ya chums or a lover fancy a little break – you can’t beat a boat ride over to the isle, a little B&B and nothing but beach, countryside and mini adventures for a week. I have a couple of places I have to show ya over the next couple of posts!

Seaview: LP’s

Apart from Cowes, Seaview is the hot spot for all those boating folk. The unwritten dress code is striped tops, bright trousers and deck shoes. I usually walk there along the coast from Ryde, it doesn’t take long and it is b e a utiful. You will come across a gaggle of restaurants, 4×4’s, and cute dogs. Me and my friends are always on the look out for new places to try out, and I think we’ve found it. Check out LP’s!



Nestled on the corner of the High street, LP’s is a white washed, bunting covered cafe with friendly staff, comfy seats, an incredible selection of cakes (Gluten free options too!) and a fresh menu. What more could you want?


The owner collects tea cups and pots so every piece is original and delicate.  Everyone loves a cup and saucer.


A counter lined with cakes is an essential in every cafe, especially if they look as good as this. Not your usual vanilla with butter cream, but apple & cinnamon and cherry bakewell. It is too much of a hard decision to choose one flavor, go halves – best of both worlds ey!



This really is the best place for a catch up with the ladies, lunch with the fam or a good pizza date. Make sure you venture down to Priory Bay just along the coast, it is one of my favourite beaches on the island, you treck through the woods to find the most beautiful, peaceful beach through the trees. suitable for bonfires and skinny dipping.



“She thinks of nothing but the Isle of Wight, and she calls it ‘The Island’ as if there were no other island in the world” Jane Austen


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