Choconana Dreamboats


st helens

Back in my younger days on the Isle of Wight, summers were spent on the beach.

All day, erry day, rain or shine. For as long as I can remember, my family has owned a beach hut (old railway carriage) on a little beach called St. Helens. My dad painted bananas all over it (artist) and we basically moved in for the summer months.

Long, sunny days were spent with salty, wild hair, head to toe in sand, exploring the duver behind the huts a little further than we should, building dens, crossing the channel, bribing our parents for as many ice creams as they had the pennies for, and of course a lot of BBQ’s.

Back in the UK we are having a little heatwave. These are the times when I want nothing more than to be sat on a deck chair over looking the sea with a BBQ sizzling away ready to feed hungry tummy’s.

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Even though I am in London town for a while, some of the best memories can be recreated through the taste buds. Mum used to get pretty inventive with desert to prevent us from gauging on too many Mr. Whippy’s. This is when the Choconana Dreamboat was born.

Easy, cheap and bloomin’ gorgeous, these little chocolate infused nanas are the perfect desert to top off your barbie!

Here’s what you need:

As many bananas depending on people! 1 each (or two)

A pack of mars bar mini’s (I used milky ways smuggled from the USA)

Tin foil

slice your lovely yellow friends down the middle with a sharp knife (don’t go all the way – 3/4 is about right!)


Stuff ¬†em’ with mars bar.


Wrap up in tin foil.



make sure they are completely sealed with enough room to bake. Pop on the BBQ along with your burgers and all sorts!

When you are ready for desert, up wrap them, grab a fork and enjoy!


Look at the warm, chocolate, caramel, banana, sticky case of heaven.


Part of your 5 a day?



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