Argania Hair TLC

Argania Hair

I’m gonna be honest with you, my hair can get pretty horrific.  It hasn’t seen a hair dresser in around 5 months (I know, I know)  I use heat on the poor ole locks pretty much everyday, back comb the roots for a little extra volume and seal the deal hairspray. Also, during the cooler months, my hair gets a little brittle and is in desperate need of an extra lease of life. Continue reading

One Minute In London

It is currently 5.30AM here in London taaan. I can’t sleep so I’m wrapped up in my duvet, munching on a piece of toast with Nutella and guzzling a cup of tea (best thing EVER, right?) As it is silly o’clock, and I’m just creepin’ around and twiddling my thumbs, I thought I’d share a little 1 minute video I made with you if you’re up and awake. Hollaaa early bird crew. Continue reading