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Christmas is now over (mulled wine is not) and 2014 has gradually wound down to an end. The limbo between Christmas celebrations and New Year shenanigans is designed to be spend polishing off stocking fillers (Santa at 21 HOLLA), eating leftovers, spending extended amounts of time wrapped in blankets and having a little think about the new year and how you could get even more out of the next 365 days.

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Santacon London 2014

Firstly, sorry this post is a tad late. I have been completely snowed under with Elf duties meaning that I haven’t given enough TLC to you. Sorry, pint of mulled wine on me. Anyway here is the post I have meaning to pop up over the past week, SANTACON.

The annual abundance of red and white adorned hooligans who flock to central London for a day of drinking, merrymaking, galavanting between pubs and landmarks and absolute silliness. If this ain’t festive fun in it’s finest form, I’m not sure what is.  Continue reading