Santacon London 2014

Firstly, sorry this post is a tad late. I have been completely snowed under with Elf duties meaning that I haven’t given enough TLC to you. Sorry, pint of mulled wine on me. Anyway here is the post I have meaning to pop up over the past week, SANTACON.

The annual abundance of red and white adorned hooligans who flock to central London for a day of drinking, merrymaking, galavanting between pubs and landmarks and absolute silliness. If this ain’t festive fun in it’s finest form, I’m not sure what is.  Continue reading

Tea, Books and Blogs

Girl Online

Everyone is dropping like mince pies at the moment. All I can hear on the tube to work are sniffles, sneezes and naaasty sounding coughs. Despite my efforts to steer clear of these ‘orrible virus’ and bugs by smothering myself in strawberry laces anti-bac gel (SO good) and munching on a bunch of vitamin C, somehow one cheeky bug(ger) got into my system and I have come down with a pesky chest infection. Naaat cool.  Continue reading

Monty The Penguin

It is currently 01:17 here in the UK and I am up blogging like a crazy laaayday. Whilst I’m up and about the interwebz at silly o’clock, I thought I’d quickly pop this absolute gem of an advert up on here for you to see if you haven’t seen it already… You probably have. John Lewis never fail to deliver when it comes to creating beautiful and touching Christmas adverts and I think this may be my favourite yet.

What do you think?


POTD: Breakfast


It is definitely cold/flu season. Went to sleep with mere sniffles and wake up feeling all hot and bothered with a bangin’ head ache and no voice? I feel ya.

This morning was one of those mornings so I decided to make myself a ‘JOG ON COLD’ breakfast: cuppa T, almond porridge with cinnamon, raspberries and honey, freshly squeezed orange juices and paracetomol.

Keep up that vitamin C, glug water, wrap up warm when you’re out and about and get a decent nights sleep. What have I missed?

If you are in summertime at the moment, I am GREEN with envy. Can I come and stay?



POTD: Red Cup

Starbucks Oxford Street

As I’m now working full time as an Elf in Harrods (LOL), I thought I’d post a photo of the day (potd) to keep the ole blog as regular as I can. Today I nipped into central London to get a few bits and bobs, once the lights flicker on as darkness falls, Oxford Street is the most buzzing, festive place with thousands of twinkling lights (and tourists). I thought I’d pick up a Starbucks, purely for the red cup – I know, who am I? I went for a almond and honey hot chocolate. Mmmmhmm.

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Hope your well and warm! I’m sat still in my coat here sniffling on the sofa, bladdy colds. Lemsip anyone?